Prof David Meagher

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Prof David
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Professor of Psychiatry
Academic Qualifications: 

MB, BCh, BAO (1988)

MD (2001)

MRCPsych (1993)

MSc Neuroscience (1996)

MHSc Clinical Teaching (2008)

PhD (2011)

Professional Experience: 

Consultant Psychiatrist, Department of Adult Psychiatry, Midwestern Regional Hospital, Limerick (February 2001 to date)

Foundation Chair, Head of Teaching and Research in Psychiatry, University of Limerick School of Medicine, University of Limerick (April 2010 to date)

Vice-Dean for Postgraduate Training in Psychiatry, Dean of UL-Midwest Deanery, College of Psychiatrists for Ireland (December 2013-date)

Research Interests: 

Research interests include the neuropsychiatry of delirium across clinical settings with particular emphasis on palliative care, consultation-liaison psychiatry and elderly medical populations, including research activity focusing on definition and nosology, improving detection and assessment, clinical (motor activity) subtyping, management and prognostic indicators. Current work is focused upon the use of computer-assisted technologies in the detection and monitoring of patients with acute cognitive failure/delirium.

Director of the Cognitive Impairment Research Group (CIRG) at the University of Limerick which involves supervision of 9 MD-PhD students and includes collaborative research with centers in the UK, USA, The Netherlands, Italy, Greece, Japan, Germany and India.

Vice-President and founder member, European Delirium Association (2006-2014)

President and founder of the Irish Delirium Society (2013 to date)

Curent Grants: 

PI on HRB (HRA_POR_2011/48: 165K)

PI on AIIPC/ HRB (SRN/2012/1: 180K)

Co-PI: 2 active HRB project grants totaling 400K (HRA_Research project Grants 2010 and HRA_POR_2012/4).

Approximately 125 presentations at scientific conferences and academic meetings.

H-Index 31.

Research gate rating is 43 (i.e top 2% internationally).

Publication Record: 

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Editorial experience

I acted as guest editor for a special issue of the Journal of Psychosomatic Research focusing on the area of delirium research (published in Autumn 2008)

I was guest editor of a special issue of International Review of Psychiatry also addressing the area of delirium and related cognitive disorders (published in Spring 2009)

Editorial Board member of the World Journal of Psychiatry and Irish Journal of Psychological Medicine.