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The University of Limerick Quality Policy and information
is available from www.ul.ie/quality/


The School of Medicine Quality Review 2015 

Academic and support departments are responsible for ensuring the quality of their own activities. In accordance with the Universities Act 1997, the quality review process is designed to evaluate the extent to which departments monitor their own quality mechanisms. The process includes a quality improvement (QI) element in the form of reviewer recommendations and departmental action plans. Within a seven-year cycle, each academic and support department undergoes a self-assessment exercise prior to being reviewed by external personnel. The Universities Act 1997 has been superseded by the Qualifications and Quality Assurance (Education and Training) Act 2012, and changes to quality review practices will evolve in response to the changes in legislation.
The School of Medicine part took in a whole school self-assessment review in 2014-2015. See the School of Medicine Peer Review Group Report in the link below:

As part of this review, the Administration and Technical reviewed and documented the broad and complex range of supports, as would any University support division. As a result, the School of Medicine Admin and Technical Team developed a Quality Management System, 17 Key Business Processes and a Quality Policy prior to the Whole School Self-Assessment review in 2014-2015.

School of Medicine Administrative and Technical QMS (Quality Management System)

Every support department at the University of Limerick operates a quality management system (QMS). While all QMSs are substantially similar, the systems can vary to some extent to take account of the unique service profile of each division. The quality review of a support department focuses on the development and effectiveness of the department’s QMS. See the GEMS Admin and Technical Team QMS –Quality Manual,  Customer Charter and Quality Policy for more details.
In October 2016, members of the quality team undertook an Internal Gap Analysis of the QMS with the University’s Quality office.  The recommendations from that report was to publish the QMS on our website and develop a Customer Improvement Plan (CIP) with some key performance indicators (KPIs) for the continual improvement of service and the QMS.
Sincere thanks to all staff of Administrative and Technical teams who were involved in the creation of the QMS initially. Specifically the members of Quality Team for their hard work creating and annually reviewing the QMS.


Term 1

July 2013 & June 2014



Term 2

July 2014 &   July 2015

QMS Review

Tues 12th -Thurs 14th May 2015

Term 3

August 2015 & December 2016

Term 4

January - December 2017

Quality Lead Róisín Monaghan      Róisín Monaghan Róisín Monaghan Róisín Monaghan
Customer Focus Bernie McGreneghan   Jennifer Fitzgerald Jennifer Fitzgerald Ciara Joyce
Involvement of Staff Emma Foley Emma Foley Emma Foley Laoise Hogan
Partner Relations Niall A Collins Maíre Bhreathnach Maíre Bhreathnach Mary B O’Connell
Leadership/Management Michelle Murnane Mary B O’Connell Mary B O’Connell Maíre Bhreathnach
Process Approach Rebecca Gachet Sharon Barrett Patsy Finn Róisín Conway














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