Portiuncula Hospital


Portiuncula Hospital, Ballinasloe

Portiuncula Hospital services Ballinasloe and the surrounding areas of East Galway, Roscommon, Westmeath, parts of Offaly and North Tipperary. In 2010 there were 10,818 in patient discharges and 7,974 day cases treated at the hospital and in excess of 42,000 people were seen at outpatient clinics. In 2010 there were 20,139 attendances at the Emergency Department. The hospital currently has 198 beds in operation spread across the specialties including a 24 bed day hospital.  

The Department of Medicine at Portiuncula Hospital, Ballinasloe incorporates the specialties of Medicine for the Elderly, Gastroenterology, Cardiology and Endocrinology. The Department of Surgery incorporates the specialties of General Surgery, Colorectal and Upper Gastro-Intestinal. The hospital has 3 major operating theatres along with 1 day theatre, 1 endoscopy suite and a minor procedures room.

For more information please contact Ms Mary Whelehan on +353 (0) 90 9648260