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September 2022

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This MSc in Project Management targets skillsets that are essential to managing successful projects and programmes. Learners have plenty of opportunity to apply these new skills and build technical, business and behavioural competencies that are core to becoming a successful project/programme manager.

Our learners say they love developing new skills and trying them out on real projects.

Skill 1

Critical Thinking

By getting learners to think differently about their work they develop skills that help them to question and challenge, and adapt new ideas and frameworks to suit different contexts.

Skill 2

Understanding the business

The course has a focus on achieving value and realising benefits. Learners develop the business skills needed to align projects and programmes with the strategic needs and objectives of organisations.

Skill 3

Leading and directing teams

Project and programme managers have a key role in leading and directing teams, often geographically dispersed and from diverse backgrounds. Learners develop an understanding of teams, team dynamics and the skills needed to motivate and inspire people to keep the project moving both in face to face and remote virtual settings.

Skill 4

Performance management

Good planning is essential to defining scope and developing realistic schedules and budgets while meeting the needs of the project. Learners develop skills in these areas as well as in analysing project information to establish project status and make predictions on future performance and business outcomes.

Skill 5


Communicating has many dimensions. Learners get the opportunity to enhance their skills in developing and adapting project information exchange and reporting systems and in designing and managing the overall communciation needs of projects and programmes.

Skill 6

Problem solving & decision making

Problem solving is a combination of problem identification , solution assessment , and problem response . Project problems may be technical, managerial, or interpersonal. Learners use real project scenarios to structure problems, seek out facts, engage with others, be innovative and creative in developing solutions, follow through and implement recommendations.

Skill 7

Managing risk

Every project involves risk and uncertainty. Managing risk means identifying, analyzing, and responding to risks over the course of the project. It includes both minimizing the consequences of adverse events and maximizing the results of positive events. Learners are encouraged to view projects and programmes from multiple perspectives to get a complete view of potential risks and develop appropriate responses.

Skill 8


Project and Programme Managers very often take on the role of facilitator, in group sessions with multiple project stakeholders, often with competing interests. Learners develop skills in establishing roles, conducting group sessions, taking input, presenting balanced findings and applying these in real project settings.

Skill 9


Negotiating means working with others in order to reach an agreement. A successful negotiation is one where all parties are satisfied with the agreement. Learners get the opportunity to develop and practice negotiation skills both within the project team and external to the team with other stakeholders, sponsors, contractors etc.

Skill 10

Conducting research

Learners undertake a research project and in so doing follow the rigour of a structured approach to identifying a research problem, designing an approach to investigating that problem, conducting an empirical investigation, analysing results and presenting findings. This encourages learners to think differently about problems, challenge new ideas and validate them through evidence based applied research.

What Our Students Say

Martina Graduate, Project Manager, ON Semiconductor
“The course brought together all of my previous learnings and experience and gave me a Masters qualification with credible accreditation.”
Martina Corbett, Project Manager, ON Semiconductor
“The focus on softer areas such as people management, leadership, HR and governance gives graduates from this course a real competitive advantage.”
Mark Stewart, Senior Engineer, ESB International
Daniel Flynn - Masters in Project and Programme Management Graduate
"The knowledge I’ve gained from the masters is practical and applicable. I work overseas as part of my job so the learnings from collaborating with other professionals on the course from around the world have really helped me."
Daniel Flynn, Academic Manager – ELT Projects, British Council Colombia


Our Masters in Project & Programme Management is one of few PMI GAC-accredited, online masters programmes worldwide. Students who complete this masters acquire an internationally recognised, PMI GAC-accredited, level 9 university degree.