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UL Branding

Our Brand

The University of Limerick has recently undergone a brand refresh to create a brand that unifies all of the University of Limerick and represents it to its many audiences in the most compelling and consistent manner.

This project has included the exploration of the University’s brand attributes and values and the development of the defined brand strategy into a visual representation.   The many focus groups and workshops with students, staff, external stakeholders, alumni, and industry partners have helped to shape this vision and representation.

View the Unveiling 

The new logo has been designed to show a bold, dynamic and future-facing University while acknowledging the accomplishments that have underpinned the University’s strong standing and reputation.  

The new logo is a balance between heritage and modernity, innovation and the natural world.  It draws from UL’s stunning natural environment while balancing that with the modern, bold architecture that has been designed to spark creativity and collaboration. 

UL Logo Comparison