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Brand Specifications

To ensure quality and consistency in the branded communications representing University of Limerick a set of brand specifications have been developed.  The guidelines will ensure the correct use of the UL brand identity and should be made available to your chosen external graphic designer, printer or agency.  It is the responsibility of all staff to ensure external designers are true to the brand and abide by the rules of the UL brand specifications.

Approval Process
All marketing/promotional materials which utilise the University of Limerick logo must be sent to the Marketing and Communiucations Division for approval prior to publication. If you have any queries on this document or should indeed your design house or printer have any questions, please contact, Communications Officer. To apply for use of the University of Limerick Brand for external purposes faculty, staff and students must send a request form to the UL Communications Officer outlining:

  •     for what purpose the logo will be used, e.g. advertising, publication etc.
  •     the person responsible for ensuring the brand identity is used correctly.
  •     department contact name.

University of Limerick Brand must not be used for the promotion of the work of any external company or organisation without seeking the permission of the Communications Officer or the Director of Marketing and Communications.  The Brand may not be used to advertise any external event not run by a UL faculty, staff or students regardless of whether that event is being held on campus or not.

Misuse of University of Limerick Brand
For the purposes of protecting the reputation of University of Limerick, the Marketing and Communications Division reserve the right to direct individuals to remove the logo from any materials containing any content in breach of copyright legislation, content deemed inappropriate or offensive or not in keeping with University of Limerick's Brand Guidelines.