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Branded Material & Logos

Here you can find some sample publications and materials which meet the UL Brand Specification. 

These samples can be edited/amended by professional designers to create new publications and materials, or simply used as a reference point when creating your own brand-compliant designs. 

To use these templates:

  1. Click on the headings in the left menu to select the type of item you would like to create (advertisement, invitation etc.)
  2. View the images of each sample. Click on the link below the image to open the full document.
  3. Note the name and contact details of the designer who created the publication.
  4. Contact the designer directly to start working on your request or contact for more advice.
    NOTE: You must use a professional designer to edit the files. The designers listed on this site are recommendations only. 
  5. All materials and publications (print or online) must follow the UL Brand Specifications and must be submitted to Eleanor McCormack for brand approval before production. Email draft materials to  for approval prior to publication.