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The new logo is available to download on the UL Brand Assets SharePoint site,

We have created various files formats for the various applications, either digital or print. A file can be identified by its extension: logo.png, logo.eps, and so on. Please see legend below indicating which file format is to be used for which output.

  • All digital outputs such as website and viewing across devices: PNG or JPEG
  • All print based outputs, such as brochures and flyers: Ai or EPS

It is also safer to use the CMYK versions for print and RGB versions for digital and web

The brand guidelines are available for download

The guidelines will tell you how to apply the new brand and visual language to all communications. 


The roll-out period is from 22nd October through to 1st July 2020. From 22nd October, all marketing materials including websites, merchandise etc should be commissioned using the revised brand.

Units will be supported in the transition through the provision of templates, brand guidelines, in-house design support. It is anticipated that the run-down of marketing materials using the existing brand will take until 1st July 2020.

All existing branded materials should be phased out as soon as possible to meet the July 1st deadline.

The UL marketing office will be available to support this transition phase over the next few years.  This will be done through workshops open to all staff and there will be a temporary implant design service available to assist with externally facing and recruitment design activity. For further information contact, Brand and Design Officer

From October 22nd 2019 all new materials must have the revised brand – though it can be placed on already established designs.  Before print or publication, this must be approved by brand and design officer and can be emailed to  Materials sent to print or published without approval will not be allowed to be used.  There is a 3 week lead time for all approvals to allow for changes to be made if necessary.

The Marketing Office will provide design support for the next few months but external campaign, corporate and recruitment work will take priority over internal events.  External designers can continue to be contracted.  They must use the brand guidelines and all materials must be sent to marketing for review prior to publication. The point of contact is

Currently available are stationery suite - letterhead, compliment slip, business cards, PowerPoint presentation templates, social graphics, a selection of pull-ups for exhibitions, and signature samples.

All secondary logos of the University will be phased out during the implementation phase of this project. The exception to this are externally-funded research centres who are mandated to use a bespoke brand under contract.  The brand guidelines published in November will provide the guideline for representing unit names alongside the university brand.

A central pool of general pull-ups will be available for use from Marketing and Communications from the 30th November.  They will be general branded assets and must be returned after use.  For the next academic year faculties seeking departmental pull-ups will have to apply for support for designs from Marketing and Communications. Production will be the responsibility of the unit seeking the materials.

Yes, the University parchment will be exactly the same and contain the University heraldic crest. 

The e-signature can be downloaded from the University SharePoint site here

Many of the UL websites have been changed to reflect the UL Brand.  However, if your site is hosted externally then you will need to update the logo.  Please see UL Brand Resouces for logos 

Please contact ITD if you cannot access your site (hosted on to change the UL Logo.