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Quick Tips for Teaching Online: Welcome & Introduction

Graphic representing the Quick Tips for Teaching Online blog series. The graphic shows a woman sitting at a computer engaging in online learning.
Wed, 16 Sep 2020

By David Moloney.

Reading time: ~2 minutes.

Featured Image Source: Woman studying online course by uthen.smantai58452 on Vecteezy. Adapted by post author.


Welcome to Quick Tips for Teaching Online!

Quick Tips for Teaching Online is a new blog post series brought to you this semester by ULs Learning Technology Forum (LTF) and run in association with the Irish Universities Association Enhancing Digital Teaching & Learning project (EDTL).

As your teaching may be a wholly or partly online (blended) experience this semester, we hope to introduce you to a range of digital teaching and learning related topics and to provide you with quick tips on practical implementation. Our hope is that the series will provide some useful and practical tips for you to consider implementing within your own teaching contexts.

We will publish Quick Tips for Teaching Online posts throughout the Autumn semester. The guiding principle of the series is pedagogy first - focusing on teaching and learning in the online environment where digital technologies can play, and have played, a fundamental part in helping to establish and accomplish something worthwhile.

Posts will introduce you to UL supported tools and technologies and signpost you to further resources for you to learn more. Posts will vary from quick tips to quick activities to posts to help you to enhance or consolidate a digital teaching and learning competence.

Our newly appointed Interim President, Prof. Kerstin Mey, spoke on the subject of online learning

"When we talk about online learning what we are really talking about is an interactive experience in the virtual space, where students will interact with their peers and tutors, so it's not just presenting them with lecture contents." (at 0:54)

We couldn't agree more.

Keep a watchful eye out for the first post in the Quick Tips for Teaching Online series which will be published later this week!


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