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Professional development

Thu, 01 Jul 2021

Date: Thursday, July 1, 2021
Time: to

All LTF professional development (PD) events which have already taken place are archived in the Resources and the Supported tools tab. There are multiple opportunities for learning about the principles of effective online teaching, online student engagement, module design, content creation, good practices with online assessment and technical sessions, complemented with relevant resources.

A series of professional events are currently under planning and will be advertised shortly, including the following:


Supported platforms and technology

- Process for site creation (including importing/use of templates)

- Templates

- MS Teams Webinar

- What is new MS Teams recording

- What is new in Sulis 20

- What is new in BBB

- What is new in Panopto

- What is new in Moodle

- Training on the use of the webcams installed & software, with awareness for data protection issues.


Accessibility and UDL

- ‘5 steps that you should take this semester to make your course more accessible’

- Practical ideas for accessibility around the templates

- Making video material more accessible and usable (duration, handouts and chapters)


Curriculum design and student engagement

- ABC LD sessions

- Using Sulis more effectively: assignments and feedback, T&Q

- Turnitin

- Student interaction and engagement: e-tivities, class interaction with quizzes (using supported tools)

- Making feedback more ‘human’.

- Reading lists


Also, we would like to hear from you in order to inform our next offers for professional development through this quick form.