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Contact: Angelica Risquez - angelica.risquez@ul.ie

As part of the LTF professional development series, the Getting Started with Online Teaching course (GSOT) National Forum open course was recently offered. While the events on the LTF professional series will suit those that wish to take a more granular and customised approach to professional development, GSOT is better suited to those wishing to immerse themselves in a longer, structured CPD opportunity that models online teaching practices, where they will undergo the experience on an online learner. The course focused on planning for online delivery, designing online assessments, creating media content and cultivating a positive environment for learning in the online space. The learning process is scaffolded through a combination of synchronous and asynchronous activities including independent study, e-tivities, reflective activities, and application in practice. Participants are able to use the course structure to complete some of the planning and development work for their own online module. The course runs for a 4 week period with a weekly webinar, with an optional follow-up process of peer review, leading to the GSOT National Forum digital badge (see National Forum digital badges). In total, it is expected that participants will have to invest around 25 hours.

For further information, see a presentation of the course here. There is currently a waiting list to the next iteration of the course. Alternatively, departments can request a customised iteration of the course for targeted delivery to a group. 

If you have any questions, please contact angelica.risquez[at]ul.ie