Prof.Tiziana Margaria is Chair of Software Systems at the Dept. of Computer Science and Information Systems at the University of Limerick. She is Principal investigator of two SFI-funded Centres, heading the Tools and Platforms research hub in Lero (The Irish Software Research Centre) and co-leading the Cyberphysical Systems hub in Confirm (the Irish research Centre for Smart Advanced Manufacturing). She is also the Limerick Director of the SFI Centre of Design and Training in Artificial Intelligence.

Her interests are advanced software design for evolving systems, the Digital Thread for complex interoperability platforms, and low-code development of high assurance systems based on models and automatic code generation. She has broad experience in complex systems development and integration applied to scientific workflows, IoT, data analytics, and holistic HW/SW cybersecurity. She holds patents for advanced Machine Learning techniques and efficient explainable AI.