Applied Partnership Awards 2022

Breakthrough are inviting researchers to submit proposals for the HRB Applied Partnership Awards (APA) addressing specific needs in poor prognosis cancers. EOIs by March 10th 17:00.

The scope for this funding call is;

  • Improving early detection or treatment of pancreatic cancer.  Pancreatic cancer survival rate is approximately 10%.  There is a need for more research to increase the number of people surviving a pancreatic cancer diagnosis. Breakthrough are calling for proposals to address this need.
  • The genetic aetiology of ovarian or uterine cancer (A combined call with the Emer Casey Foundation and Breakthrough Cancer Research).  Compared to 7 other high income countries, Ireland had the worse ovarian cancer survival.  We need more research yo increase our understanding of this disease to lead to earlier diagnosis and better treatments.  Breakthrough and the Emer Casey Foundation together are calling for proposals to address this need.


Breakthrough Cancer Research Summer Student Scholarship

The 2022 Breakthrough Cancer Research Summer Student Scholarship is now opened.  This programme is an initiative to facilitate the partnership of students with research teams and to foster the education of the next generation of cancer research leaders.  Funding will be provided for 4 individual Scholarships, for the period of 6-10 week and to the value of €2,500 each.

The scholarships are to take place at any University in Ireland currently engaged in cancer research.  It is open to researchers in Clinical, Biological, Epidemiologic, Public Health or Allied health fields.

Proposals must fulfil our research priorities, be patient-focused, with the ultimate aim to improve cancer care and increase survival. Deadline 4th March, 17:00.


All information available at the link below:


Funding Information - Breakthrough Cancer ResearchBreakthrough Cancer Research