Building is open from 07:00-24:00

Visiting UL Library

Individuals who are not members of the University of Limerick may apply for admission online to the Glucksman Library under the following categories:

  • UL Alumni
  • Students and staff from other universities and colleges
  • Students and staff from designated HEA institutions (includes Institutes of Technology), Secondary school services
  • Legal Professionals
  • Members of the public

Please select the option most appropriate below to find out further details for each category

Please note:

  • Applications for access must be made in advance using the online access application form.
  • Applications will receive an email within three working days.
  • Individuals wishing to visit Special Collections/Archives including the National Dance Archive of Ireland should make an appointment by emailing
  • Those who require longer term access including borrowing rights can apply for fee-based membership, which provides personal, alumni and corporate membership.
  • Individuals who have not applied in advance will not be admitted during un-serviced opening hours.

The library reserves the right to decline applications on a number of grounds, for example, around exam times, space restrictions, seat shortages, etc. Access may be withdrawn at the discretion of the Library Director. Applicants must comply with the necessary terms and requirements, as stated by the library, to gain access and/or borrowing privileges.

 Access or opening hours may change at short notice in line with the latest Government or University public health advice. Therefore, it is advised that you check in with the library in advance.

Personal Membership

Personal membership includes...

  • Library access, borrowing rights (four books for four weeks at a time).
  • Reference Services.
  • Access to study space.
  • Research Support.
  • Access to print collections.
  • Access to electronic collections onsite.
  • Membership application form

Research Services

Requests for research services should be made by email telephone or online


Students and Staff from designated HEA Institutions (includes Institutes of Technology) Secondary school services

Students and staff not covered by the above schemes can apply for a day pass, to a maximum of three day pass per year, to consult the Library's collections. Applicants must apply in advance and bring a letter of introduction from their home library plus their home institution ID card.