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Borrowing From Other Libraries

The interlibrary loan (ILL) service can assist you in obtaining material that is not held directly in the library. This service is aimed at academic staff, postgraduate students and final year undergraduate students.

The Interlibrary Loan (ILL) service is aimed at:

·         Academic staff

·         Postgraduate students

·         Final year undergraduate students.


University of Limerick’s Interlibrary Loans service is currently operating again.  Please note that Interlibrary Loans requests can take longer due to current restrictions.  Many external libraries have not fully reopened or have restricted services.  

We will continue to process requests for electronic copies of e.g. journal articles, book chapters etc., although this service may also be subject to disruption.  

Printed library materials received from other institutions can now be returned directly to the office adjacent to the Information Desk on the ground floor in the Library.  Please do not return ILL books together with other UL books. Any misplaced ILL book will need to be accounted for and could prevent further access to ILL service. 

Your patience and co-operation is very much appreciated. 

If you require any additional information regarding the Inter-Library Loan service, please email us:


Who can apply and how long does it take?

The following may apply for interlibrary loans:

  • Staff.
  • Postgraduates (Taught and Research).
  • 4th year undergraduate students.

- Items requested from another library are usually available within 7 days of ordering, but it may take longer if the item is not immediately available from the first location contacted.

- All available lending libraries will be checked as part of your request. 

- You will receive an email to confirm if we have successfully/unsuccessfully sourced your request.

- It may take up to 2 days to receive electronic items.

- If the item requested cannot be obtained for any reason, we will inform you of this.

How do I apply for an interlibrary loan?

  • Before completing an ILL request form, please ensure that the item is not already available in the library, check the Library Search, the A-Z of  journals and the Institutional Repository. There is more information on how to search for books and journals articles in the Library from this page
  • There may also be an open access version of your item available.
  • Please ensure you qualify to access this service
  • Applications for inter library loans are made online using ClioWeb. (Note: The Library no longer accepts paper requests for inter library loans).
  • When using ClioWeb, first time users must register.
  • After requesting a journal article via ClioWeb, a copyright declaration form may be emailed to you, which you must sign.
  • You can drop this form into the Library Information Desk in person, or scan and email the form to
  • You must supply full bibliographic details of the item you want.
  • You must also include your name, student/staff ID number and department details.
  • Please include as much detail as possible about the item as incomplete or inaccurate information can cause a delay to the process.

How many interlibrary loans can I request?

Category Quota of Requests
Staff No set quota
Taught Postgraduates 5 per academic year
Research Postgraduates 12 per academic year
4th year Undergraduates 3 (in preparation for final year project)

How do I know when my request has arrived?

  • Books and photocopies of journal articles received through the interlibrary loan service can be collected from the Library Information Desk.
  • All users will receive an email to confirm if we have successfully/unsuccessfully sourced your request.
  • Items should be collected as soon as possible after notification is received.
  • Items requested from another library are usually available within 7 days of ordering, but it may take longer if the item is not immediately available from the first location contacted.All available lending libraries will be checked as part of your request. 

How long can I keep an interlibrary loan Item?

  • You can keep photocopies of journal articles.
  • The loan period for books is designated by the lending library - this can vary from one to six weeks.
  • You can take most items home but some are for use in the library only.
  • Items which are designated "For Library Use Only" are held for users at the Library Information Desk and are available for consultation during desk opening hours.
  • Your staff/student ID card is required when collecting such items.
  • We ask you to respect the conditions of the ILL service with regard to borrowing, recalls and overdue items.

Charges imposed by the British Library for overdue and/or lost items can be very expensive, and these charges will be passed onto the user.

Please note that there are additional costs to the Glucksman Library for each of the following:

  •          Renewal of an Interlibrary Loan Book
  •          Late return of Interlibrary Loan Book
  •          Uncollected Interlibrary Loans (posting/packaging)
  •          Replacement cost for lost/misplaced books (Cost set by Lending Library – up to €195)


How to search for Theses from Other Institutions

Dissertations and Theses: UK & Ireland
This is a listing of theses, with abstracts accepted for higher degrees by universities in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Dissertations and Theses: UK & Ireland now incorporates Index to Theses.

ETHoS (Electronic Theses Online Service) from the British Library (full text)
Where a thesis has been digitised previously by the British Library, it may be available to download
for free. In other cases, you may have to request that the British Library digitise the thesis. There
will be a cost and a wait involved.
Where a PDF is available: Login>Click download>Select download>Add to basket>Confirm>Agree to
terms and conditions>Download

DART Europe E-Theses Portal (full text)
Theses from repositories around Europe.

TEL (Théses-en-ligne)
Tel is an initiative of Le CCSD (Centre pour La Communication Scientifique Directe). It aims to provide free access to online versions of Doctoral PHD theses submitted at French Universities and Colleges. All subject Areas of the sciences, social sciences and humanities are covered.

National ETD Portal (South African Theses and Dissertations)
This site is run by the South African National Research Foundation (NRF) in collaboration with Committee of the Higher Education Librarians of South Africa (CHELSA). Metadata for all theses and dissertations produced in South Africa are collected and made accessible, as well as disseminated further, for the site.

Search for thesis only: go to Advanced Search and change content to "Thesis/Dissertations"

Dissertations and Theses A&I
A comprehensive collection of dissertations and theses, with more than 2.3 million doctoral dissertations and master's theses included, covering graduate research from 1861 to present

Google Scholar (citations, abstracts and full text)
Open access repositories are accessible through Google Scholar so you can find theses here. You will have to sort through a lot more results as you cannot limit to "theses".
To distinguish theses from other material, on the result record, where you normally see publication details you will see the name of an Institute or an open access repository.

Institutional Repositories in general
When you know the Institute that awarded the Degree, you could check to see if the institution has an Institutional Repository and then search that for the thesis.

Ireland’s national portal for open access to Irish published research provides a single point of access to national research output and contains content harvested from the institutional repositories of Irish academic and research institutions, including the University of Limerick through the ULIR. This includes Masters and Doctoral theses from participating institutions.

Need assistance?

Go to the Library Information Desk on the ground floor to inquire about the Interlibrary Loan service.

The contact person for interlibrary Loan is:

Clare Dwyer
Interlibrary Loan
Glucksman Library
University of Limerick

Telephone : 061 202157
Fax : 061 213090
Email :