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My Library Account

To access details on your library loans or to renew items, you must sign into "My Library Account" on the Library Search screen

How to Sign In

  • Students sign in with your ID number as your username
  • Staff sign in with your firstname.lastname as your username
  • PhD and Masters students should use their student ID

Signing in will ensure that you see your correct loan policy, it will also allow you to request a book if there are no copies available to borrow.


  • Click on "SIGN IN" on the top right hand corner of the screen

Sign In option


  • First time you login you need to accept terms of use.
  • Once you Sign In, click on your "name" to see the option for "My Library Account"

My Library Account link


  • Once you have finished, click on Sign Out or close down the browser

If you have any problems accessing your library account, e.g. the webpage opens but doesn't load , it just brings up a loading icon/flashing diamonds, this is related to caching issues on your browser, we recommend that you try clearing the cookies and history on your browser or another option is to use a different browser.