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I can't find what I need?

Are the details correctly entered?

It may be a misspelling!

For example, a search for James Joyce’s Ulysses could look like this

Image of searching for keyword Ulysees

No books appear, and certainly no books by James Joyce.

We have all become used to auto-correct and suggestions, but sometimes we need to check things ourselves. In this case, Ulysees has been misspelt and should in fact be Ulysses.

If you have entered a full article title or book title it may be that just one or more of the words is incorrect. Use fewer words–keywords –and see whether that helps.

Is the book on loan?

It may be that the item that you are looking for is on loan.  Items on loan will be marked as "checked out" on the Library Search screen.

Are you searching using a different search engine e.g. Google Scholar

You may be searching for something via a different search engine -e.g. Google Scholar - which includes resources which we may not have purchased or subscribed to.

*Note that you can link to our full-text Resources via Google Scholar you must ensure  that University of Limerick is
ticked at Settings/Library Links.  More details available here

Has your sign-in timed out?

Your sign-in may have timed out, in which case you will need to sign-in again.

Are you searching a database that provides Abstracts (summaries) only?

There is an option to "expand my results" this will include results from non - fulltext databases e.g. results from PAIS Index, an abstract (summary) only database

Image of expand my results option

If you have checked all of the above and still cannot access full-text, please send us information and we will check your options, including Inter-Library Loans (ILL) or purchase.  There is also information available on alternative ways to access scholarly articles on this webpage.