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How to renew my loans

Sign In

You should Sign In first...

  • Students sign in with your ID number as your username
  • Staff sign in with your firstname.lastname as your username
  • PhD and Masters students should use their student ID


Image of Sign In screen

Image of Username and Password

When signed in, the words SIGN IN will be replaced by your own name: 

Click on your name and then click on "My Library Account" to see your loans.

You can Renew All, or click on individual items to renew. 

If you still cannot Renew it may be because:

a) you have reached the limit for renewals (3 times) and the book needs to be returned to the library; 

b) the item is a Short Loan item and therefore can never be renewed and needs to be returned to the library; 

c) another person has placed a request on the item so it needs to be returned to the library;

d) You have a fine exceeding 20 euro.

e) your staff or student record has expired.