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How to narrow & broaden my search results?

There are many different ways to broaden or narrow your search.

Below 4 of the most common are described:

  • Tweak my results
  • Limit by Collection
  • Use Inverted commas
  • Advanced Search

Tweak my results

Image on how to tweak your results


Limit by Collection

Click the arrow to see various Collections, including Books, Articles, UL Research (UL’s Institutional Repository), Special Collections, and UL Theses.

Image on how to limit search by collection

Use Inverted Commas

Put inverted commas around the phrase to do a more precise search, only records containing that phrase will be returned in your results.Image of how to search by phrase

Advanced Search

How to find advanced search

Advanced Search allows you to search by author, by ISBN etc. to specify in which fields search terms should appear e.g. words must appear in the title, and should be by a certain author.  This will reduce your results alot, in the example below only records that have the words lifespan development in the title and the word Berk in the author will be returned in your results

Image of advanced search screen

Image of books with lifespan development in their title