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How do I "Sign In" / "Log In" and access e-resources off campus ?

Sign In

We recommend that you always "Sign In" to the Library Search or use the "Login to UL e-resources" on the library homepage, this will ensure that you get complete results, full text access and be able to request items. 

  • Students sign in with your ID number as your username
  • Staff sign in with your firstname.lastname as your username
  • PhD and Masters students should use their student ID

*First time you login you need to accept terms of use.

Click on the Sign In option on the top right hand corner of the Library Search screen

Sign In screen


Image of Username and Password

When signed in, the words SIGN IN will be replaced by your own name:

image of screen once signed in

Once signed in you should be able to access all electronic resources off campus including databases, ejournals and ebooks, if you close your browser you may have to sign in again.

Other Sign In / Log In Options

Alternatively you can log into UL e-resources using the login option on the top of the library homepage

Log into e-resources image

Image of login screen with username and password

Once you login, you will see the screen below, which tells you, that you are now logged in and you can now access full text electronic resources

Image of logged in page


*Both options "Sign In" and "Log in" will give you the same result, however when you log in using the option at the top of the Library homepage and then go to the Library Search screen you will have to click on "Sign In" to see your name, but you don't have to Sign In again.

*Even if you don't use either option above, and you find a database or electronic journal of interest via the library website, once you click on the resource, you will be prompted to log in.

Accessing Electronic Resources directly without going through the Library Website

If you have set up an email alert to a journal or come across a journal article while doing a general web search, can you access the fulltext?

Yes, as long as the library has a subscription to the electronic resource, you can access the article directly without going through the library website, simply add the following in front of the URL of the resource you need:

For example, if you were linking to the journal "Computers & Education" with the URL, to access this off campus or via UL Wifi you would type in:

Alternatively you can install a bookmarklet in your browser, more details available on this page under the section about google scholar