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How to access "related reading" that is listed when you view an item in Library Search?

When you view a record in the  Library Search screen, it often displays a list of related reading on the right hand side of the screen, that you might be interested in and related to the original search that you were doing.

Image of related reading

* Not all the related reading will be available in fulltext in the library, in some cases you will get a message to say this material is not available. 

However when the fulltext is available you should note the bibliographic details i.e. vol, issue etc.
This will be important later!

  • In the screen shot above, the article entitled "Justice and local community change; Towards a substanstive theory of justice" is available in the "Journal of Community Psychology, 2002, Vol 30(6)". If you click on the link under "related reading" , you will be brought to the screen below which shows you under the "View it" section what database the article is available in, in this case "Wiley Online Library Database Model 2017"

Image of view it section for related reading

  • When you click on "Wiley Online Library Database Model 2017" you will be brought to the journal level not the article level, this means that you will have to search for the article within the issues of the journal again, hence why it is important to note the bibliographic details.

image of wiley screen

  • Continuing with the example above, we are looking for Vol 30, Issue 6 of this journal, which was published in 2002, you would select "All Issues" and scroll till you find the one you want

Image of vol and issue of journal in wiley database

  • Once in the correct issue of the journal, scroll till you find the article mentioned in Related Reading

Image of article in wiley database

  • Finally click on the PDF icon to read the article