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The library is closed today

Borrow, Renew, Return

All students, staff and registered users with a valid UL ID card are allowed to borrow material from the library.

There will be no fines on overdue books while we are closed.  Please hold on to library books until normal service resumes.

International students returning home, staying in University accommodation, may leave their library books at their central residence reception.

Library staff are on hand to answer online queries from 9-5.15, Monday – Saturday.  All user queries should be channelled through Ask Us or emailed to libinfo@ul.ie. 95% of all queries are satisfied within 24 hours.

The Library’s Ask Us Knowledge Base contains helpful Covid-19 Library FAQs.


Check My Library Account to find out what you have on loan, to renew items and place a request.  After you have signed in, click on your name on the top right hand corner of the screen to see the link for "My Library Account". 


*Note: PhD and Masters students should use their student ID and password to sign into to "My Library Account" to view their loans.

Borrow a Book

  • Use Library Search to see if the item is available in the library.
  • Note the shelfmark and then go to the shelves to locate the book.
  • When you find the book you are looking for, use the self-service machines on the ground floor of library to take the item out on loan.
  • If you have any problems using the self-service machines go to the Information Desk on the ground floor for assistance.

You must maintain My Library Account in good stead in order to use the self-issue machines. You cannot use this service if:

  • You have exceeded your borrowing allowance.
  • You have overdue items.
  • Your outstanding fines exceed €20.00.
  General Lending Loan Duration In Addition Three Day Loan One Day Loan Three Hour Loan Seven Day Loan
Undergraduates 5     
14 days (2 weeks)
In Addition 2 2 2 2
Postgraduates 10 28 days (4 weeks) In Addition 2 2 2 2

Short loan borrowing times

At what time can I borrow 3 hour loan material so that I can have it overnight?

  • Loans
    You can borrow 3 hour short loan material from 18:00 Monday - Thursday and keep it overnight.
  • Returns
    The overnight 3 hour short loan material must be returned by 11:00 the following morning in order to avoid fines.

At what time can I borrow a 3 hour or 1 day loan so that I can have it for the weekend?

  • Loans
    You can borrow 1 day short loan material anytime on Friday and keep it for the weekend.
    You can borrow 3 hour short loan material on Friday from 15:00 in order to keep it for the weekend.
  • Returns
    1 day /3 hour short loan material must be returned by 11:00 the following Monday morning in order to avoid fines.

Short loan material must be issued and returned using the self-service machine in the short loan area.

Borrow a Laptop

Students can now borrow a laptop from the self-service kiosk in the Glucksman Library

Renew a Book

You can renew your books...

When can you NOT renew online...

a) If you have reached the limit for renewals (3 times) and the book needs to be returned to the library; 

b) the item is a Short Loan item and therefore can never be renewed and needs to be returned to the library; 

c) another person has placed a request on the item so it needs to be returned to the library; 

d) your staff or student record has expired.

Returning Books

You can return your books…

  • Via the book returns machine on the ground floor of the Library.
  • Short loan books need to be returned via the self-service machine in the short loan area.
  • At the Information Desk.

How to put a request on a Book

  • If a book is on loan, you can put a request on it, if there are no other copies of the book available to borrow
  • You must sign into My Library Account to put an request on an item
  • Once you sign in and locate the book you want, click on the request button & enter the relevant details.
  • You will receive an email message to your UL email account when the item has been returned.
  • You will have one week from receipt of this email to collect the item.
  • Your item can be collected from the Short Loans area on the ground floor.
  • The held item will be on the shelf marked 'Requests Awaiting Collection' (signposted at the beginning of the short loan sequence).
  • The order of the item on the shelf is determined by the FIRST 3 LETTERS OF YOUR SURNAME AND THEN THE LAST 4 DIGITS OF YOUR ID NUMBER e.g. COR6789. Check for these details on the orange slip.
  • To borrow the item, please use the self-service kiosk in this area.

Cancel a Request

You can cancel a request by signing into My Library Account, once signed in you will see a request tab, click on this tab to view or cancel a request.


Fines and Overdue Material

When your library materials are due for renewal or return, you will normally receive an email notification from the library . Please remember to return library material on time or renew your items to avoid paying fines.

How do you pay a fine?

  • In cash at all the self-check machines. In addition to cash, payment can be made with credit/debit card at the self-check machine in the Short Loan area only.
  • Go to the Information Desk

Fines in the Library

These fines come into effect once an item's due back date has expired
 Short Loans (3 hours + 1 day)  1 euro per hour of part of 
 3 Day Loans  2 euro per day
 General Lending & 7 Day Loans   50c per day

General lending items on loan may be renewed if not required by another reader.
Shorter Loan items may not be renewed.

Can't find an Item?

Occasionally the item you are looking for can’t be found on the shelf. When this happens, there are a few options.

  • Check Library Search to see if the item is out on loan to someone else - you will see a due date given if that is the case.
  • Re-check the shelves again after a few hours or the next day. Another reader may have been using the item within the Library or it may be in the process of being re-shelved.
  • Alternatively, check Library Search to see if there are copies of this item in another collection eg. Short Loan Collection.
  • Fill in a paper query form and hand it in at the Information Desk, on the ground floor or fill in our online query form
  • The Library will make every attempt to find an item; this may take a few days. If the item is not essential, we suggest you consider an alternative title(s) at or nearby the same shelf location or from the library’s e-resources.

ARC (Automated Reserve Collection)

What does ARC (Automated Reserve Collection) mean on the Library Search?