08:00-21:00 by appointment only

Consult a Librarian

Consult one of our team of professionally qualified librarians for expert help on sourcing, evaluating and utilising information resources.

Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences Faculty Librarian

Pattie Punch

Email: pattie.punch@ul.ie

Tel: 061-202185

Ext: 2185

LibGuides: https://libguides.ul.ie/prf.php?account_id=40317

Education & Health Sciences Faculty Librarian

Liz Dore

Email: liz.dore@ul.ie

Tel: 061-202407

Ext: 2407

LibGuides: https://libguides.ul.ie/prf.php?account_id=40314

Science & Engineering Faculty Librarian

Mícheál Ó hAodha

Email: micheal.ohaodha@ul.ie

Tel: 061-202668

Ext: 2668

LibGuides: https://libguides.ul.ie/prf.php?account_id=40318

Kemmy Business School Faculty Librarian

Peter Reilly

Email: peter.reilly@ul.ie

Tel: 061-234380

Ext: 4380

LibGuides: https://libguides.ul.ie/prf.php?account_id=40320

Librarian, Student Engagement and Success