9:00-21:00 by appointment only

Book your visit to the library

Please note, dates and times on this booking system may be subject to change depending on government announcements

We are pleased to announce you can now book a library visit, study space or PC in the Glucksman Library, using our new seat booking system librarybooking.ul.ie  

Please remember to bring your student ID

  • You can book a maximum of 4 hours per day, for access to a Study Seat/PC.
  • You can book a maximum of 2 hours per day, in 30-minute slots, to visit the library and access collections, printing, ITD Clinics etc.
  • Only students with confirmed seat/visit reservations can enter the library.   
  • You won’t be able to enter the library before the start of your booking slot.
  • Your booking will commence as soon as you enter the library gates.
  • You may leave the library during your booking, however to regain access you must re-enter during your active booking slot
  • Due to current restrictions, group study is not permitted in the library  

To book a Study Seat/PC in the library

Enter your ‘Student ID’ (your 8 digit student number) and ‘Password’ and click ‘Log in’.  Postgraduate researchers with a student card, must use their student ID and password to book a space.

Select the ‘Room Type’ (location in library) - this is the area you would like to sit in, please note that study rooms, and study booths are strictly for single use only.  Select the ‘Booking Date’ and click on ‘Continue’.   

(To only book a visit to the library, select ‘30 Mins Library Visit’ under ‘Room Type’)

Select an available seat and click on one or more slots to reserve them, you may book up to 4hrs per day


To cancel any of the selected slots, click ‘Back’.  If you are happy with your choice, click ‘Confirm’.  You will receive a both a confirmation on screen and an email, with details of your booking(s).

View your booking - log in and select ‘View/Cancel Existing Booking’, your bookings will be listed in date order.

Cancel a Booking - log in and select 'View/Cancel Existing Booking', select the 'Start Date/Time' you wish to cancel and click 'Yes'.  Cancelling a booking will free up the slot for use by someone else and will not count as part of your daily allowance.  Please cancel your booking in advance if you no longer require it.  



To book a library visit

Under ‘Room Type’, select ‘30 Mins Library Visit’ select the ‘Booking Date’ and click on ‘Continue’



Select the time(s) you wish to enter the library

You may book four 30min slots in one day, for access to the library collections, printers, ITD clinics etc.  Booking a ‘Library Visit' does not give you access to a seat.  If you wish to book a seat, select a seat under 'Room Type', before you arrive at the library.



Terms & Conditions

Access to the library building will be subject to the following terms & conditions, failure to comply with these will result in being asked to leave the library.  The booking system is for Students only, staff may continue to enter the library with their staff ID card.

  • You can book a maximum of 4 hours per day, for access to a seat/PC between 09:00 and 17:00.
  • You can book a maximum of 2 hours per day, in 30 minute slots to ‘visit’ the library and access collections, printers, ITD Clinics etc.
  • Access to the library is by pre-booking only. Please have your UL Student/Staff Card to access through the library gates.  You will be unable to enter through the Library gates unless you have a booking, either to visit the library or to avail of a study space.
  • Only students with confirmed seat/visit reservations should enter the library
  • You may leave the library during your booking, however to regain access you must re-enter during your active booking slot.  If you try to re-enter once your booking has expired, the gates will not open.  Please keep your valuables with you
  • Due to covid-19 restrictions, congregating and group work is not permitted in the library, this also applies to library users that live together
  • Staff are not required to book, but are counted within the Covid-19 occupancy levels of the building
  • Please sit at the seat number that corresponds to your booking confirmation - do not sit at another seat as this may be allocated to another library user.
  • Masks are now mandatory in the library and must be worn for the duration of your visit
  • Laptops are available for loan within the library, you can borrow a laptop for use at your booked seat, please ensure you wipe it down, with supplied wipes, before returning it.
  • Drinks are permitted only in reusable cups/bottles or flasks.   Food is NOT permitted in the library
  • Please ensure that you vacate your study space on time, to allow the next student to occupy their booking on time
  • Do not move or rearrange furniture – furniture is in dedicated places for your safety.
  • IThe library operates on a self-cleaning of desk/chair basis. Please clean down your study area before and after use, using and disposing of supplied wipes in the designated PPE bins provided.
  • Please comply with all signage and guidance regarding cough etiquette, hand hygiene and social distancing. https://www2.hse.ie/conditions/coronavirus/protect-yourself-and-others.html Hand sanitiser is located throughout the library building.
  • If you have symptoms of Covid 19, please maintain at least 2m distance and notify a member of staff immediately.
  • If you need to cancel your booking, please do so ASAP in order to maximise bookings.

If you have any questions about how to book a study space, or suggestions about how to improve the system, please contact us libinfo@ul.ie


Special Collections & Archives

Access to special collections & archives is currently only available by appointment, staff and researchers can arrange to make an appointment to visit Special Collections & Archives, please email specoll@ul.ie 

Floor Plans

There are floor plans available to help you find where your seat is located in the library

Contact the Library

Please get in touch with us directly if you have any questions or comments.