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Book a Space in the Library

The Glucksman Library provides bookable spaces designed to meet contemporary teaching and learning styles

Student bookable spaces

Group Study Rooms 

These rooms have a capacity for 2 to 8 people and are provided for students to work together on coursework for group study. The rooms may be booked online up to 2 days in advance and for a max of 2 hours. 

They comprise a variety of flexible seating and furniture arrangements with state-of-the art AV facilities. 

These rooms are in high demand, please remember to cancel your booking if you no longer need the room.  There is a link to cancel your booking on the email confirmation that you receive.


Faculty & Staff bookable spaces

Meeting/Training Rooms 

There are currently six meeting/training rooms that can by booked by faculty & staff for learning purposes.  Four rooms each with a capacity for 4 people and two rooms with a capacity for 12 people. The rooms may be booked online up to 1 month in advance and for a max of 4 hours in a day. You will need a staff ID card to access these rooms

There is a general faculty meeting/reading space adjacent to the rooms to the four smaller rooms, where faculty/staff can relax, meet other faculty/staff, read a newspaper, study etc. This is open to all faculty/staff for learning purposes. Access is via swipe ID card. This is not a bookable space. 



Appellate Court - bookable by Faculty, Staff, Researchers and other interested groups 

The Appellate Court (48 capacity) can be booked online and these bookings are mediated by the Library. Indicate the date and time of your event and submit your booking form, free time slots are in green. After you have submitted your booking form, the Library will email you with a decision. 


Terms & Conditions - Regulations for Use

*Please keep a copy of the confirmation email, sent from LibCal after making a booking as this is proof of your booking and supplies a cancellation link, if needed. 

*Please note the room number of the room that you booked and time of booking, so that you can easily locate your room 

Terms and Conditions may vary depending on the room you are booking; there are more detailed terms and conditions available when you book the room online 

General T&C 

  • These rooms are provided for collaborative/group work e.g. course assignments, projects, research, presentations, group study, faculty, and staff meetings, etc. 
  • Library staff do not mediate bookings (except for the Appellate Court), please ensure you have entered the correct details and taken note of the room number and time of booking. 
  • These rooms are not appropriate for: recreation, individual use, interviews, private tuition/grinds, scheduled tutorials or teaching purposes, office space, external training or commercial use etc. 
  • Rooms cannot be booked on a long term or recurring basis e.g., weekly, monthly. 
  • Bookings can only be made by registered students and staff of UL, using their UL email address.  
  • As the rooms are in high demand during term-time, if a group is more than 15 minutes late, another group may use the room until the next bookable slot. 
  • Anyone using these rooms without a booking must leave when requested by a group who has a reservation. 
  • Rooms cannot be reserved or 'held' by placing personal belongings in them. Any unattended belongings may be removed. 
  • Users of these rooms are requested to keep noise levels to a minimum and to leave the room in a clean and tidy condition. 
  • Personal belongings and library material must be removed upon vacating the room. 
  • Food is not permitted in these rooms/the library. Litter must be disposed of responsibly.
  • Do not move furniture from one room to another or rearrange within the room.
  • Use of these rooms is subject to the Library's Code of Conduct 
  • Library staff may enter the rooms as needed for security, maintenance, or other reasons. 


Contact the Library

Please get in touch with us directly if you have any questions or comments.