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Temporary restoration of Wiley ebooks

Author: Michelle Breen
Categories: ebooks
When: Wednesday, November 30, 2022 - 15:45

In September we notified you that Wiley had removed over 1,300 ebooks from a package of ebooks to which we and many other universities subscribe.  Following the sudden loss of this electronic content at a crucial time in the academic calendar, the library worked with affected faculty to find alternative recommended reading for their teaching.

The attention that libraries and academics drew to this withdrawal of content, along with efforts nationally by UL and our partners in CONUL and the Library Association of Ireland, pressured Wiley in to a reversal of their decision.  Wiley will leave the 1,380 ebooks in the Academic Complete package until June 2023. This is only a partial resolution of the matter however; after June it is not clear how they will licence their ebooks to University Libraries.

The national eBookSOS Steering Group, of which Ciara McCaffrey is a member, is advocating for improvements and regulation in the ebook market at an international, national and cross-sectoral level.  Libraries continue to work with Wiley and other publishers to establish more equitable and sustainable access to ebooks.  If you are considering publishing a book, please talk to Michelle Breen in the library about how you can ensure your book is available to the academic community at an affordable price.

If you need new books for your Semester 2 recommended readings, contact the library as soon as possible about it so that if ebooks are not available, print copies can be ordered.