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Supporting teaching with online reading lists

Author: Michelle Breen
When: Wednesday, August 30, 2017 - 10:15

The Library has an online Reading Lists service that all staff members can avail of.  Currently 60% of Semester 1 reading lists from the book of modules are uploaded and if there are reading lists you wish to add, amend or remove that is something the library can assist you with. Staff can also talk you through making changes yourself, and will run drop-in sessions later in the semester.

You can check whether a reading list associated with your module has been uploaded by going to http://www.ul.ie/library/readinglists and logging in with your UL ID and password. If you have had a reading list uploaded and would like to connect that reading list to a module site on Sulis, there are a few simple instructions below. (In summary, go to Site Info/Manage Tools/Plugin Tools.)

Contact the library with questions or comments directly at readinglists@ul.ie or speak to your faculty librarian for more information.