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Results of Library Survey

Author: Ciara McCaffrey
Categories: LibQual
When: Wednesday, February 20, 2019 - 12:45

The Library ran its user survey in semester 1 of AY2018/19, two months after the transformed new library opened to the UL community.  Thank you to the 1,449 people  who completed the survey and the sponsored prizes were awarded in December.  Since then the results have been analysed and the UL 2018 LibQUAL Notebook was published.

Satisfaction levels increase every time we run the survey since it was first run in 2007 and we are delighted to report that the 2018 results show the greatest improvement yet in user satisfaction levels with library services.  UL’s student community overwhelmingly love the new library and provided many suggestions for how it could be even better.

During and immediately after the survey a number of improvements were made in areas that appeared in the comments from library users.

  • Water fountains were installed on four floors
  • The Every Seat Counts campaign to release seats commenced
  • Power and data issues at study desks in the new wing were resolved
  • Wi-Fi issues were resolved
  • 71 additional PC’s were provided
  • The large and small training rooms became available to students

The survey tells us what areas users would like us to prioritise most – for undergraduates it is space, for researchers and faculty it is print and electronic collections.  We are integrating the feedback into our 2019 Annual Plan to deliver many more improvements in the areas of space, collections and services.  As we make improvements we add them to the Library’s Customer Feedback page.


Some of the lovely things you said about the library

The 764 comments had many suggestions but were overwhelmingly positive, indicating high levels of satisfaction with the new building and with library staff.  Here is a snapshot...


"The new library is excellent. It's a very pleasant environment and runs very efficiently" Academic Staff, Electronic & Computer Engineering

"Amazing space, the new laptop facility is a dream come true, I can work wherever there is space not just in the designated computer spaces. The space is fantastic, much more open and airier. Great improvement." 1st Year Undergraduate, Humanities

"Over the years I have been in the University, the Library has continually improved its services. I am sure the new library extension will facilitate a even better service" Academic Staff, History

"Excellent Library - great space to study" 4th Year Undergraduate, Medicine

"Fantastic service. Great place to study and can access all the journal articles I need from home." 1st Year Undergraduate, Psychology

"Great library. Loved it when I first studied in UL. Is even better now"  Postgraduate Allied Health, Clinical Therapies

"I love the new library, the staff is amazing and the added space is beautiful. " 2nd Year Undergraduate, Computer Science & Information Systems

"I love the space and the comfy chairs at the windows where I can work on my assignements and I love that a plenty of light is coming in through the windows. It is well-equipped and welcoming. I like to studying here." 3rd Year Undergraduate - Language, Literature & Linguistics

"I think the library is a great space and is by far my favourite place on campus. I always need lots of books and resources to complete my assignments and essays and the library never fails to supply me with these. I love the space to study and I am always my most productive when I am there." 3rd Year Undergraduate - History

"Inviting, inspiring and accessible workplace that I feel comfortable to learn and read but also to do assignments and group work. An outstanding service that every student can avail of to strive to do their best in a comfortable working environment. The library is an asset to UL and make it a great experience  to #studyatul :)" 1st Year Undergraduate - Business

"Love the new space! very open, spacious, modern and minimalistic. Helps me focus" 4th Year Undergraduate, Medicine

"Lovely service delivery from my experience using the library so far. Keep up with the good work." Postgraduate Student, Management & Marketing

"Never thought I would say it but I love going to the library! The facilities are great and its where i get majority of my work done." 2nd Year Undergraduate,Undergraduate - Language, Literature & Linguistics

"Overall an excellent Library and top services. Very happy with the new library, services are overall excellent and it is a brilliant place to study." 4th Year Undergraduate, Engineering

"The library at UL is excellent. It is always in immaculate condition and since the extension there is no problem getting reading space. The reading rooms are quiet and peaceful. " 2nd Year Undergraduate, Business

"The Library staff are the most helpful people on campus, they show great patience and tolerence especially with mature students...i cannot fault the staff they are magic" 3rd Year Undergraduate, Humanities

"the new library space is inspiring and useful. Especially love the faculty rooms and the really great chairs. Also, librarians are unfailingly helpful and knowledgeable " Academic Staff, Accounting & Finance

"The peer advisors have been brilliant and handy even for students not in first year and the new section is great & a brilliant study space" 2nd Year Undergraduate, Business