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Research Data & Digital Skills Summer School

Author: Armin Straube
When: Monday, May 16, 2022 - 12:00

The Glucksman Library is proud to announce its first Research Data and Digital Skills Summer School. The Summer School will run the whole week 30th May to 3rd June and is designed to improve digital skills and data literacy of UL PhD students and researchers.

The sessions aim to open new perspectives on potential data-oriented research approaches and to facilitate exchange between the participants.

The sessions will provide hands-on instructions on digital tools ranging from data organisation in the humble spreadsheet to giving you a start to programming with Python. Sessions about Open Access  publishing, measuring your research impact, and research data management are  alternated with an introduction into free tools for presenting and exhibiting your data and a go with the 3D printers in the Makerspace of the library.

The Summer School does not assume previous knowledge with the tools covered, but participants with experience in some of the topics are most welcome to join and help their peers master new skills. Participants are expected to attend the whole week. The tools and skills covered will be beneficial to researchers from all disciplines.

Schedule, session details and the registration are to be found here:

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