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Open Access publishing at UL

Author: Fintan Bracken
When: Friday, October 20, 2017 - 21:45

The Glucksman Library supports Open Access in the University of Limerick in a number of ways:

The Library manages the University of Limerick Institutional Repository (ULIR) which is an online open access database that holds and preserves digital copies of the university’s research output such as articles, theses and conference proceedings.

The Library offers advice to researchers on open access publishing options including publishing with open access journals such as PLoS One or BMC journals.

The Library offers advice to researchers on open science and open data initiatives, and on how to comply with funders' Open Access mandates.

The Library can host researchers' open access journals (e.g. Iterations).

The term Open Access refers to published material that is made freely available to a global audience.

The benefits of Open Access are:

No subscriptions are necessary to read the publications.

There is greater visibility of your research (it is indexed by Google Scholar, Bing, Google, etc.).

The dissemination of knowledge, which is a public good.

To satisfy funding agency requirements (e.g. SFI, IRC, EU). For example, the peer-reviewed publications from projects funded by Horizon 2020 must be made OA within 6 months (social sciences & humanities 12 months).

Increased research exposure and citation rate (Open Access citation advantage).

To make your research available in the ULIR, send it to ir@ul.ie or upload it via ULRIS (the Research Information System). Papers will only be uploaded to the ULIR in line with publisher requirements but the Library will look after all of this for you so there is no need to worry.

If you have any questions regarding Open Access and the Institutional Repository, visit http://libguides.ul.ie/research/OA or email ir@ul.ie or fintan.bracken@ul.ie.