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Love your data – Make it FAIR

Author: Ashling Hayes
Categories: research data management
When: Thursday, February 14, 2019 - 09:00

The FAIR Principles insist that all data be Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Resuable.

What do we mean by this?


  1. (Meta)data is assigned a globally unique and persistent identifier
  2. Data is described with rich metadata
  3. (Meta)data is registered or indexed in a searchable resource
  4. (Meta)data specifies the data identifier


  1. (Meta)data is retrieved by the identifier using a standardized communications protocol
  2. The protocol is open, free and universally implementable
  3. The protocol allows for an authentication and authorization procedure when necessary
  4. The (meta)data remains accessible even when the data is not


  1. (Meta)data uses a formal, accessible, shared and broadly applicable language for knowledge representation
  2. (Meta)data uses vocabularies that follow the Fair Principles
  3. (Meta)data includes qualified references to other metadata


  1. (Meta)data must have a plurality of accurate and relevant attributes
  2. (Meta)data is released with a clear and accessible data usage license
  3. (Meta)data is associated with its provenance
  4. (Meta)data must meet domain-relevant community standards


While FAIR data is all about reuse of data and emphasizes the ability of computers to find and use data. It’s important to note that FAIR does not necessarily mean open. In some circumstances ,due to the sensitivity of the data or the conditions upon which the data was collected, the data can never be shared. Additionally the funders acknowledge the right of the data creator to reasonable first use and expect data users to acknowledge the source when they use others’ data.


If you wish to publish the data underlying your publications you can publish the data  in our Zenodo Community and make your publications Open Access by depositing the accepted manuscript in our repository ULIR

If you want more information or help with your Research Data Management, check out our libguide or contact Ashling.hayes@ul.ie

Love Data Week 2019 is taking place February 11 – 15. Follow along at #lovedataweek on twitter