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Library Services for Postgraduate Students

Author: Michelle Breen
When: Friday, September 6, 2019 - 12:15

The library at UL provides a range of services for taught and research postgraduate students. With semester time opening hours of 7am to midnight on weekdays, the library is a popular and busy place. All postgraduate students are encouraged to attend their orientation and induction sessions and to follow up with attendance at an introduction to the library or other appropriate session organised during the year and advertised on www.ul.ie/library/events

At the beginning of semester one the library’s student peer advisors will show you around the library highlighting postgraduate study spaces on floor 2 of the new wing of the library containing 148 study seats and 12 PCs reserved exclusively for postgraduate use. The postgraduate space is accessed by swiping your student ID card.

In the early days it is important to learn how to book a library study room for group work, how to borrow a laptop and other IT tips. If you can’t attend in person for a library briefing there are a range of online resources that we recommend to all new students, including this video on finding and borrowing a book. Postgraduate students can borrow 10 items for 28 days and can renew loans online. Postgraduate students may also avail of the inter library loans service and may be eligible to visit other libraries depending on the course of study undertaken at UL.

Research students may wish to avail of specialist software and supports, including EndNote for managing your references and bibliographies. A full description of the services provided to research students is available on the library's guide for researchers which also lists the workshops that the library runs for researchers.

For students that prefer to work remotely, please note that all of the library’s electronic resources, ebooks and ejournals, can be accessed off campus using your UL network name and password.

When issues arise with which you need help, please contact the library on the online help service, Ask Us, and a staff member will respond to you.

For updates about library services we recommend you follow the library on Twitter or Instagram.