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Library classes for students

Author: Michelle Breen
When: Friday, August 26, 2022 - 13:15

The Glucksman Library supports student learning with online reading lists, books, journals, study spaces, loanable equipment, academic referencing software and a programme of information and digital literacy skills classes, delivered in-person and online this year.

Beginning with Introductions to using the library for new and returning students, tours, webinars and ‘How To’ sessions, the librarians will help you develop your academic skills to enable you to do better in your assignments. Being able to identify scholarly sources, knowing how to search them efficiently, and crucially, knowing how to filter out unnecessary results are critical tools in our interactions with online information. The library’s programme of classes helps develop student’s independent research skills. As students grapple with fake news and misinformation, being able to critically evaluate content is also a much-needed skill.

Librarians will expertly guide students, from first years to taught postgraduates, through assignment preparation, literature searching, source identification and always ensuring academic integrity through the careful use of referencing principles, and tools.

Faculty are invited to direct students to attend any of these sessions, taking place throughout the semester, including:

  • Why and how to take good notes at lectures 
  • Finding Books & Articles
  • Searching Online Databases 
  • 7 Steps to Assignment Success
  • Sourcing copyright free images for your assignments
  • Presenting Your Research Visually 
  • Set up for success with your FYP
  • Critically evaluating sources using the CRAAP test 
  • Spotting Fake News and misinformation
  • Doing a Literature Review using the library’s resources
  • Thesis preparation: how the library resources support you
  • Citing it right: an introduction to Harvard UL 
  • How to use EndNote Web for your academic referencing

Browse the Library Events calendar to see details of other Research workshops including Python & Bibliometrcis.

The library is open from 7am to midnight on weekdays and also open every weekend in the semester.  You can contact the library via live CHAT on weekdays from 9am to 9pm and you can also consult our Frequently Asked Questions if you have a query you need help with.