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LevUL up: Online Digital Skills Workshops

Author: Louise O'Shea
When: Wednesday, October 6, 2021 - 15:15

LevUL up live online digital skills workshops for UL students continue for the next number of weeks. Browse workshops in detail and register on the LevUL up website or by using the links below.

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There are 17 live online workshops scheduled this week.

Digital Skills Workshop

Week 5

Week beginning

Oct. 4th

Week 6

Week beginning

Oct. 11th

Week 7

Week beginning

Oct. 18th

Week 8

Week beginning

Oct. 25th


7 Simple Steps to Stay Safe Online: Protecting your Digital Identity (details)

Thursday Oct. 7th @ 12:30pm

Thursday Oct. 14th @ 11:30am



Eoghan McGrath and Anna Marie Gildea, ITD

Being Engaged and Establishing Your Social Presence Online (details)

Thursday Oct. 7th @ 2:00pm

Thursday Oct. 14th @ 2:00pm


Thursday Oct. 28th @ 2:00pm

Mike Wride, CTL

Designing Digital Presentations: Level Up your Powerpoint game (details)


Wednesday Oct. 13th @ 12:00pm

Thursday Oct. 21st @ 12:30pm


David Moloney, CTL

Digital Literacies and Wellbeing: Getting Started (details)

Wednesday Oct. 6th @ 11:00am


Tuesday Oct. 19th @ 11:00am


Mike Wride, CTL

Digital Wellbeing: A Student Perspective (details)

Friday Oct. 8th @ 1:30pm


Monday Oct. 18th @ 12:30pm

Thursday Oct. 28th @ 12:00pm

Jasmine Ryan, CTL

Excel Essentials; Data Entry, Tables and Charts (details)

Monday Oct. 4th @ 12:30pm


Thursday Oct. 21st @ 11:00am

Thursday Oct. 28th @ 11:00am

Jasmine Ryan, CTL

How to Record an Interview and Edit an Audio File using Audacity (details)


Wednesday Oct. 13th @ 11:00am

Friday Oct. 22nd @ 11:00am


David Moloney, CTL

How to Spot Fake News: Critically Evaluating Information Sources (details)

Thursday Oct. 7th @ 11:00am


Friday Oct. 22nd @ 11:30am


Peter Reilly, Library

Images for your UL assignments, where to find them and how to use them (details)

Thursday Oct. 7th @ 11:30am


Thursday Oct. 21st @ 12:00pm


Michelle Breen, Library

Introduction to Student IT Services (details)

Wednesday Oct. 6th @ 11:30am




Kieran B. Murphy and Anna Marie Gildea, ITD

Make MS Teams work for you (details)

Friday Oct. 8th @ 11:30am

Tuesday Oct. 12th @ 11:30am



Alexander Kearns and Anna Marie Gildea, ITD

Making Great Posters using Free Software (details)


Wednesday Oct. 13th @ 10:00am

Wednesday Oct. 20th @ 10:00am


Jesse Waters, Library

Microsoft Word for Assignments: Basics and Beyond (details)

Monday Oct. 4th @ 1:30pm


Friday Oct. 22nd @ 1:30pm

Friday Oct. 29th @ 1:30pm

Jasmine Ryan, CTL

Netiquette and Communicating Online  (details)

Tuesday Oct. 5th @ 2:00pm


Thursday Oct. 21st @ 2:00pm


Mike Wride, CTL, and Sinead Spain, CTL/GPS

Notetaking in a Digital World (details)

Wednesday Oct. 6th @ 12:00pm


Wednesday Oct. 20th @ 11:00am


Mícheál Ó hAodha, Library, and Sinead Spain, CTL/GPS

Technology for Time Management (details)

Thursday Oct. 7th @ 12:00pm


Monday Oct. 18th @ 1:30pm

Friday Oct. 29th @ 11:30am

Jasmine Ryan, CTL

Understanding How Microsoft Word can Proof your Paper (details)

Thursday Oct. 7th @ 1:00pm

Thursday Oct. 14th @ 3:00pm

Thursday Oct. 21st @ 3:00pm

Thursday Oct. 28th @ 10:00am

Lawrence Cleary, CTL

Using EndNote for your References  (details)

Friday Oct. 8th @ 12:00pm


Thursday Oct. 21st @ 11:30am


Aimee McKenzie, ULPSU/Library

Making Videos for your Assignments using Panopto on Sulis (details)


Tuesday Oct. 12th @ 11:00am

Wednesday Oct. 20th @ 11:30am


David Moloney, CTL

Working Together Online: Establishing a learning community, Organising and Working in Study Groups (details)

Wednesday Oct. 6th @ 2:00pm


Wednesday Oct. 20th @ 12:00pm

Wednesday Oct. 27th @ 12:00pm

Mike Wride, CTL

Working with Online Dictionaries and Thesauruses (details)

Tuesday Oct. 5th @ 3:00pm

Tuesday Oct. 12th @ 12:00pm

Tuesday Oct. 19th @ 10:00am


Lawrence Cleary, CTL



For all queries go to the LevUL up website in the first instance. If further clarification is required contact David Moloney