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How to get Published in a Top Journal

Author: Michelle Breen
When: Wednesday, February 1, 2017 - 10:00
Where: The Pavilion, University of Limerick

The Glucksman Library is delighted to announce this Elsevier author seminar to guide researchers on How to Write a Great Research Paper, and get Published in a Top Journal.  It will be presented by Deirdre Dunne from Elsevier with additional insights into what an editor looks for in a paper provided by Prof. Damià Barceló.

Knowing the best way of structuring your paper when writing it, and the most appropriate journal to send it to, really helps in getting your paper accepted. Also understanding how editors and publishers think and what they expect, and knowing how the peer review process works, is invaluable insight into the publishing process.

After attending this workshop, participants will have a clear idea of the steps needed to be taken before starting to write a paper. They will also be able to plan writing manuscripts using the logical step sequence – not the sequence in which the paper will be read. Authors are also made aware of what aspects of their papers Editors and Publishers look at critically, and to ensure that in taking care of these areas, their papers are much more likely to be accepted. Dealing with referees’ comments and the art of polite rebuttal are also described such that these can be used to improve the submitted paper suitably. Sensitive areas such as publishing ethics, plagiarism, duplicate publishing, etc are also clearly explained such that participants have a clear understanding of what is allowed, and what is not permitted.

These insights into the publishing process will enable the participants to be more confident as an author in the world of science publishing, and will help them get their papers published more easily.

About the Speakers

Deirdre Dunne has been working with Elsevier since 2002 in various Publishing roles within Life, Social and Physical Sciences. Currently she is the Senior Publisher responsible for the Environmental Science and Health flagship journals including Science of the Total Environment and Environment International. Deirdre graduated from the University of Limerick with a degree in European Studies.

Damià Barceló is Full Research Professor at the Institute of Environmental Assessment and Water Studies IDAEA-CSIC (Barcelona, Spain) since 1999 and Director of the Catalan Institute of Water Research (ICRA) (Girona, Spain) since May 2008. His scientific focus is on the Fate and Risk of Emerging Pollutants such as Pharmaceuticals and Nanomaterials in the Environment and on the Water Pollution Control and Protection under Scarcity.His expertise is documented by the number of original publications (> 750), an h-index of 95 and the supervison of 40 PhD thesis.
In 2007 he was awarded the King Jaime I Prize for the Protection of Nature from Generalitat of Valencia, Spain, for his outstanding scientific work. In 2011 he received the Prince Sultan Bin Abdulaziz International Prize for Water (PSIPW) 5th Award 2012 on Water Management & Protection, Saudi Arabia, and in 2012 the Recipharm Environmental Award, Sweden. Since 2011 he has been chairman of the Scientific and Technological Board (STB) of the European Union-Joint Programming Initiative on Water Challenges for a Changing World.

The Glucksman Library's accompanying website for researchers is a good introduction to the topics to be covered in the seminar. 

The seminar will take place in The Pavilion, University of Limeric and booking is advised