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Guide for UL students submitting an academic thesis

Author: Michelle Breen
Categories: Thesis Postgraduate ULIR
When: Tuesday, June 2, 2020 - 09:45

Guide for UL students submitting an academic thesis

Theses FAQs - The library has Theses FAQs sections on the library’s Ask Us page on the library website. This is in direct response to the queries the library handles from postgraduate students. Students like to view sample theses in their own subjects areas from previous years, to understand the format and structure expected of them.

ULIR - More recently with the Covid 19 national emergency the focus has pivoted towards accessing online versions as students work remotely during the campus closure. There are two ways to search the ULIR (UL Institutional Repository), either by faculty on the homepage or via E-thesis collection to access copies of PhD, Taught Masters and a few specialised Final Year Projects (FYPs).

Regulations - The University of Limerick has specific regulations for preparation and submission of Research Masters/ PhD Theses which are outlined within the latest edition of SAA Student Academic Handbook, specifically section 5.12 Thesis Specifications (page 59) and Appendix 2: Requirements for the Preparation and Submission of Master’s and Doctoral Theses (page 69).

Supervisor - Remember the role of a supervisor is to advise you on any specific academic quality issues, and guide you through the research process. You should discuss department specific requirements, with your supervisor ensuring that you comply with these guidelines and submit your thesis within the allotted timeline.

Embargo - Sometimes an author may request an embargo be placed on their thesis, restricting access until a certain time period elapses. Embargoes are usually sought due to a publication pending based on the thesis findings, the contents being confidential or due to a private funding agreement. An embargoed thesis appears in the catalogue record containing a note ‘Confidential: Restricted Access’ and is not accessible via the ULIR. However you can still request access to the physical item by contacting staff in the Library’s Special Collections & Archives Department who can advise on the process and can be contacted at specoll@ul.ie