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Good research needs good data

Categories: research data management
When: Tuesday, February 14, 2017 - 15:15

Research Data Management (RDM) is an umbrella term to describe all aspects of planning, organising, documenting, storing and sharing data. It also takes into account issues such as data protection and confidentiality. RDM provides a framework that supports researchers and their data throughout the course of their research and beyond.

RDM is important for researchers because it ensures you meet funder / university / industry requirements in your work.  Having accurate, complete, authentic and reliable data sets is good research practice. It is important that your research can be replicated and that you can refer back to it in the future.

All professions can learn better techniques to help develop and apply best practices in storing, and preserving data and software.

The Glucksman Library has an online guide for researchers that introduces the key areas of RDM and the Research Services librarian, Dr. Fintan Bracken, will meet researchers to discuss the details as required. 

During Love Your Data Week 2017 the Glucksman Library will share RDM links and information on Twitter.