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Genealogical research brought to life through UL subscription to Ancestry

Author: Michelle Breen
Categories: Genealogy Family History Ancestry
When: Thursday, November 25, 2021 - 12:30

Genealogical research brought to life through UL subscription to Ancestry

Genealogical research, the tracing of ethnic origin and ancestry, is a well-established process for scientific and demographic research. Genealogy is also a popular recreational activity and has become increasingly accessible through online tools such as Ancestry.

With Ancestry’s 27 billion records, growing at a rate of 2 million new records a day, UL students, researchers and faculty can conduct research in to family history and avail of a global collection of primary source data. With records dating back in some instances to the 13th century, Ancestry is a major source for genealogical records including census, church, military, immigration, marriage and birth records. Ancestry allows students and scholars to develop their skills in enquiry, information retrieval and critical thinking.

The University has a subscription in place to Ancestry* and you can access it on or off campus 24 hours a day. 

*The licence that the University has for Ancestry does NOT allow individuals to create their own family tree, that requires an individual subscription.

For beginners who wish to learn how to use Ancestry, we suggest visiting the Ancestry LibGuide online. On January 17th 2022, the library will host a talk by a product specialist from Ancestry, who will demonstrate how to use the platform. Book your free place to attend this virtual session here.