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Doing Research, tapping in to the library’s digital resources

Author: Michelle Breen
Categories: Research Library Digital Resources
When: Tuesday, March 30, 2021 - 14:30

The library supports all UL students, faculty and researchers in their research projects. From teaching introductory to advanced searching, choosing and appraisal of information sources and managing references all the way to publishing and managing your research data. The librarians at UL offer group and one to one assistance through a range of supports.

Library training guides

Students and researchers can learn independently using the library’s training guides, each one designed to help you with a particular part of the research lifecycle, for example


The library has a site on SULIS that everyone can join. The site has resources on referencing, searching and will help you find ebooks and journal articles for your project. To join the Glucksman Library’s site on SULIS go to your SULIS site and choose membership and joinable sites. Alternatively, go directly to the library site on SULIS 

Workshops and recordings of Semester 2 workshops

People who want to attend training can sign up for a library workshop on the library events calendar or can send a query directly to the library for assistance, by emailing libinfo@ul.ie  Recordings of popular workshops from this semester including sessions on Searching Library Databases and Using EndNote for your References  plus recordings of sessions on using Excel, Powerpoint, Poster creation and sourcing copyright free images.

Unique and distinctive collections

Primary sources and rare printed materials are full of hidden research potential. The Glucksman Library’s ‘unique and distinctive collections’ are held in the Special Collections and Archives Department, including archives and rare books. These collections cover a broad range of research themes, and support teaching and research at UL in a number of ways – students can access the material generally as part of their coursework, or they can undertake a more focused study for FYPs, MAs or PhDs. We also support external researchers and academics. Where possible, the department provides digital access to portions of its collections – email specoll@ul.ie to make an enquiry.

The department’s printed collections are available to search via the library catalogue, while the archival catalogues are available to view and download on the library website. For an overview of these collections, thematic research guides, links to online exhibitions, FAQs and lists of online resources, visit the Special Collections and Archives website, subscribe to our blog, or follow us on twitter.

Virtual library knowledge bank

The library receives hundreds of questions every week and has built up a bank of Frequently Asked Questions that we invite you to browse when you have a query.

Researchers are invited to explore the library’s electronic resources such as SAGE Research Methods to help you learn what methodology is appropriate to your method and from the videos on the platform, learn practical techniques that you can use in your case studies


Many people still prefer to consult a book when getting started on an assignment or research project. The library has developed a digital collection in support of research methods, both qualitative and quantitative, and these are some of the most popular ebooks that we recommend for all to use. Other titles can be found on the library’s online catalogue.

Explore Methods and learn from experienced researchers

The library has created a bibliography of recommended research support ebooks to support students doing research projects. Lecturers who would like to include some or all of these books in their module reading lists can contact the library’s Head of Information Services Michelle Breen to have the list shared with them or have the citations added by the library to your module reading list on SULIS/Moodle.

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