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Discover research content with new LibKey Nomad plug in

Author: Michelle Breen
When: Tuesday, July 5, 2022 - 12:30

Have you ever tried to access an article via your browser but hit a paywall or been browsing and wondered if UL has access to that article in its collections?

The LibKey Nomad plug-in for your browser eliminates that worry. Once you install it, you can easily see if there is either open access or a University subscription in place to let you get the full text.

Once installed in your browser LibKey Nomad will find any content UL is subscribed to and give you a link to the PDF.

LibKey Nomad also enhances the Wikipedia experience, and can be helpful when beginning an assignment. It highlights the full text links within the references in Wikipedia, helping students to identify and use only scholarly content in their Wikipedia searches.

Here is the Library’s guide to installing and using LibKey Nomad. Let us know what you think.