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Developing a systematic approach to your research question

When: Friday, June 15, 2018 - 15:45

Librarians at the University of Limerick are working with students, researchers, academic & healthcare staff to review their literature in a systematic way for their final year projects, thesis and work-based projects. This systematic approach is called ‘Systematic Review’. This method already has a strong presence in healthcare and is developing across disciplines such as education, science, development studies.  

Being systematic is searching, selecting and managing the best available evidence for research, according to a defined, planned and consistent method...this should be applied to all types of reviews including data.

A systematic review attempts to collate all empirical evidence that fits a protocol designed to answer answer a specific research question. Researchers conducting systematic reviews use explicit methods aimed at minimizing bias, in order to produce more reliable findings that can be used to inform decision making. Cochrane Systematic Review is only one reviewing method of many and is long standing and well developed and the Cochrane method is defined in Chapter 1 of the Cochrane Handbook for Systematic Reviews.

At the University of Limerick, and the University Hospital in Limerick, the story of systematic search to date is...

An online resource was created as part of the All Aboard project in 2015

Workshops were run for academic/healthcare staff during 2016 & 2017 in UL & UHL Libraries

A Show & Tell poster was presented at the CONUL Conference in 2017

A 5-step approach was developed underpinning learning outcomes for classes and tutorials

More recently,

A Glucksman Library LibGuide was created for Searching Systematically For Your Research

The Glucksman Library LibGuide on Systematic Reviews was updated

Discipline specific workshops with a blended approach were developed

A community of practice is being built with Faculties.

Librarians at UL and the UHL can provide one to one consultations or deliver group workshops if you feel you could use one or either approaches in your research. Contact Liz Dore, Isabelle Delaunois (UHL) or Pattie Punch to make an enquiry.