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Book space and make time for reading or writing at the library

Author: Louise O'Shea
Categories: Staff Faculty Study Rooms
When: Friday, July 12, 2019 - 16:15

In addition to group study rooms for students , the new library has spaces that can be used by faculty and staff for learning purposes.  These spaces are now fully operational and available for booking via the library website

The spaces include:

An informal, non-bookable space on Floor 2 for faculty and staff to meet others, read, study, etc.

4 bookable rooms for group work (capacity = 4/room)

3 bookable rooms for group work, training or meetings (capacity = 12-16/room)

These spaces contain a variety of flexible seating and furniture arrangements, with state-of-the art AV facilities.  Information on each room is provided via the online booking system, including capacity, layout, equipment and directions to the room.  Access is via swipe using your staff ID card.  Please read the regulations for use before booking a room. 

Contact libinfo@ul.ie if you need to find out more about the spaces or if you want to arrange to come and view the rooms or have a tour of the new library.