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24 hour access to leading academic journals

Author: Michelle Breen
When: Friday, June 30, 2017 - 11:00

The library provides UL researchers with online access to over 80,000 journals. The extensive electronic collection is made available through a combination of library subscriptions, open access and membership of the IReL (Irish Research eLibrary) initiative. Before beginning to use any of the electronic journals or books provided by the library you should first login to your UL account (https://login.proxy.lib.ul.ie) so that you have authenticated as a certified user of the content licensed by the university for your use in your research.

Presenting this many titles to you in an easily accesible way is by way of an A to Z list but advanced users may of course prefer to use the journals through a particular database interface e.g. BioMed Central, ACM Digital Library or Medline.

If you have a query about a journal please ask the library about it and we’ll guide you to the correct resource.