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Before You Arrive

Congratulations on receiving your UL offer!

We are delighted that you are coming to join us at the University of Limerick and we look forward to welcoming you! 

On this page you will find information that we hope will help you as you prepare to embark on your studies at the University of Limerick.

Mandatory Public Health Requirements

All UL International students entering Ireland from oversea are required to use a free national meet and greet service at the airport, which includes a free transfer for students living off campus. 

  • Please complete your arrival details here so that your free transport can be organised. It is very important that this is complete in line with Irish government guidelines.
  • The free transport will bring you directly by bus to all UL on-campus villages. For students living off campus, you will be brought to Troy village, from there we will arrange a private taxi to bring you to your off campus address.
  • UL is only capable of arranging transport to the University of Limerick or the surrounding Limerick area. If you wish to be transported to any other part of Ireland, you will have to make your own arrangements and avoid the use of public transport.
  • Please provide your arrival details at least 7 days in advance of arrival. If you fail to complete the arrival form in a timely and correct manner, then the nominated transport company will be unable to arrange your free transfer from the airport to the University of Limerick.
  • Once the survey is completed we will share your arrival information with the transport provider who will then meet you at Dublin airport and arrange for your transfer. We are also arranging transfers for students arriving in Cork or Shannon airport.
  • Please note you must wait to complete the survey until your flight is booked, as the information will be used to track your arrival and is a requirement of the Irish government.
  • If you cannot complete the survey for a reason such as; you have already arrived in Ireland, there are currently no flights from your home country, etc. –   please email the Admissions Office that processed your application and you have been in previous contact with.
  • If there is any change to your flight, please email and resubmit the survey here so that the appropriate changes can be made to ensure that your transport is organised. If you do need to resubmit your survey, please add a comment in the ‘Any other comment’ section of the survey that you have updated with your new arrival details and submitted the form again.

What to expect at the airport on arrival

  • There will be a presence in Dublin Airport in both Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 on the way to the coach parking area.
  • You will need to look out for staff in high-visibility yellow jackets with handheld signage as per the 'International Higher Education Students: Greet & Transfer Service'. 
  • These staff will give you instructions and take you to the pick-up service.

The current Irish government advisory is for all international arrivals to Ireland to restrict your movements for 14 days. It is very important that you have your accommodation organised for the 14 days of restricted movements. You will need to give your accommodation address in the COVID-19 Passenger Locator Form. Irish officials do check this information.

The COVID-19 situation both in Ireland and across the globe is fast-evolving. Because of this, we strongly recommend that you keep yourself up to date with the new rules and guidelines set out regularly by the Irish Government.

For new and existing students who are you are planning to travel to Ireland, you should read the latest UL Covid information.

All students must complete this Pre-Arrival Daily Health Declaration each day for the 14 consecutive days prior to your travel to Ireland. The online form can be accessed here.

A member of staff at the university will be in contact with you to ensure the daily health declarations are being submitted, so that your enrollment at the University of Limerick can commence.

This daily declaration will decide the following: 

  • Individuals who indicate that they do not have any of the mentioned symptoms during the 14 days immediately prior to their trip may travel to Ireland (Note: Students will need to record 14 consecutive days with no symptoms). 
  • Individuals who indicate that they do have one or more of the mentioned symptoms will need to record 14 consecutive days with no symptoms before traveling to Ireland.  
  • If this means that you will not arrive in Ireland on time to start your programme, the university will make reasonable accommodation for you to be facilitated to start the programme remotely and then travel to Ireland when it is safe to do so.

For students arriving in less than 14 days: 

  • All students who are due to arrive in Ireland in less than 14 days must still complete the Pre-Arrival Daily Declaration for the amount of days remaining before your arrival.  

If you have displayed any COVID-19 symptoms in the rest of the 14-day period leading up to now, please let us know by emailing

All students must complete this Post-Arrival Daily Health Declaration each day for 14 consecutive days, beginning the day you arrive in Ireland.  The online form can be accessed here.

A member of staff at the university will be in contact with you to ensure the daily health declarations are being submitted, so that your enrollment at the University of Limerick can commence.

Please remember to bring a thermometer with you to Ireland so that you can continue to track your symptoms for 14 days on arrival.

Individuals disclosing symptoms must immediately self-isolate and should contact the UL Medical Centre on 061 202 534. For urgent out of hours medical emergencies, please contact Limerick Doc on 087 755 1570

For students who have already arrived in Ireland: 

  • All students who have already arrived in Ireland must still complete the Post-Arrival Daily Declaration until your 14th day in Ireland. There is a question on the form which will ask you to indicate if you have had any symptoms since your arrival in Ireland. 

By law, passengers arriving to Ireland from overseas are required to complete the COVID-19 Passenger Locator Form. It is to help with contact tracing, more information can be found here

It is an offence not to complete the form with a large fine and/or a prison sentence. An officer at the airport or ferry terminal can ask for proof of the form and verification of the information supplied.

The form is now available online. You can find the link to the form here


You are required to download the COVID-19 Tracker App to ensure that you remain safe and well while in Ireland

The primary purpose of the app is to ensure improved contact tracing. Your data is protected and the app only alerts those that have come in to contact with a confirmed COVID-19 case.

It is essential that you have your Bluetooth turned on for this app. Ireland as a country has embraced the app which makes it very effective. 

You will have to complete the 'UL COVID-19 Student Awareness' training. Please complete this training by carefully reading through this PDF. This training is to ensure that you understand the importance of COVID-19 student health and safety measures at UL.

On arrival to UL, you will need to register with the UL Student Health Centre.

This registration process can be done online. You will receive more information on this resgistration process after your enrollment at UL.

Departure Checklist

If you require a visa to enter Ireland, please apply for your visa well in advance of your departure. More information on visas and immigration can be found here

Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students 

If you are a new incoming non-EU undergraduate or postgraduate student, you are encouraged to pay your full tuition fee before your programme commences. Tuition fees for subsequent years of study can be paid in instalments. If you require a visa to enter the country you will have to pay a minimum of 50% of your tuition fee to receive your visa support letter. 

You can pay for your tuition fees, medical insurance and accommodation fees online here. Please note, TransferMate is the official collecting agent for the University of Limerick. 

Study Abroad Students 

You can pay for your tuition fees, medical insurance and accommodation fees online here. Please note, TransferMate is the official collecting agent for the University of Limerick. 

Campus Accommodation

On-campus accommodation is in apartment style housing in one of the 6 campus villages or off campus rented accommodation close to the University.  All six residential villages at University of Limerick are self-catering. We provide all cooking facilities and inventory.  While kitchen/living areas are shared with a maximum of 7 others, all study bedrooms are private.  While some villages offer shared bathrooms (maximum 4 sharing) our apartment residences offer en-suite facilities for those who wish to have their own toilet/shower.  For further information on each of the student villages please go to our accommodation website

Accommodation-related queries should be directed to

Off-Campus Accommodation

If you wish to opt for off-campus accommodation, there also a number of off-campus residences and privately rented houses in the locality. Please see the UL Accommodation webpage for more information on accommodation or contact .

Please note, the university does not accept liability for accommodation advertised on the off campus database.

Please beware of fraudulent persons purporting to be landlords/landladies on Facebook, Internet sites or other media. Do not pay money to persons for accommodation, unless you are absolutely sure that they are genuine – landlords/ladies should not request full payment of rent before you have arrived in Ireland. Always request a contract be signed.

Non-EU students

Having private medical insurance is an immigration requirement. Please see here for the Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Services guidelines for medical insurance. 

There are a number of private medical insurance companies in Ireland offering health cover. O’Driscoll O’Neill Insurance offer a reduced rate. This can be purchased through TransferMate

EU Students

EU students should bring their European Health Insurance Card

Pack your travel documents, passport and offer letter in your hand luggage so that you can present them at the airport immigration desk. EU/EAA students should bring their national identity card

Given COVID-19 the importance of maintaining personal hygiene during the COVID-19 pandemic, we advise carrying hand sanitizer and a face covering on your person while travelling.

Be sure to pack a rain jacket and warm clothes! Winters in Ireland are mild and summers temperate, due to the prevailing south- westerly winds and the influence of the warm water of the North Atlantic Drift. Ireland has a mild climate all year, averaging 2°- 7°C (35°- 45°F) in winter and 18°- 24°C (65°- 75°F) in summer. May and June are the sunniest months.

Kickstart your university experience with the University of Limerick CampusConnect App! Download from the App Store and connect with UL staff, students and alumni.

Students who have accepted their offer will have received an email outlining the following tasks which need to be completed:

  • Activate your UL Student Account and Register for Self-Service Password Reset
  • Complete the online Finance task
  • Enrol online on your course
  • Complete Enrolment at Orientation

You can find a step-by-step guide on completing these tasks here.

During Orientation it will be verified that you have completed the online course enrolment and the online finance task. You will then be able to receive your student ID card. 

What to Expect When You Arrive at the Airport 

In line with Irish public health guidelines, you should avoid public transport during your 14-day period of restricted movements. 

Students who have yet to arrive in Ireland can avail of our private airport collection service. It is extremely important to email detailing your arrival information (date/time/airport/ terminal) and to confirm that you will be taking our transport service to Limerick. 

If there is any change to your travel arrangement, please email immediately and resubmit the transport survey. Please add a comment in the ‘Any other comment’ section of the survey that you have updated with your new arrival details and submitted the form again.

  • If you are not taking our transport service, you must email to say that you have made private arrangements that adhere to the Irish government public health requirements.
  • UL is only capable of arranging transport from the airport to the University of Limerick or the surrounding Limerick area. If you wish to travel to any other part of Ireland from the airport, you will have to make your own private arrangements and avoid the use of public transport due to Irish government public health requirements, unless you are coming from a green list country. Please see here for a reminder on your 14 days of restricted movement after your arrival in Ireland.

How to find your transport to Limerick at the airport

There will be 2 collection points at Dublin Airport where you will be able to meet your driver. Please go to the collection point at the terminal your flight arrives into.

  • Terminal 1: Information Desk meeting point at Arrivals Hall – the information desk is clearly marked.
  • Terminal 2: Yellow Sculpture at Arrivals Hall (see image below)

The driver will display a sign with the University of Limerick logo and your name at the arrival collection point to identify themselves to you. They will then bring your to your transport. Once the bus departs the airport, the bus will travel directly to Limerick with no stops on route. You will be dropped directly to your on campus/off campus address in Limerick.

Please do not forget to email detailing your arrival information, as we cannot organise your airport collection with the transport company until we have received final confirmation of your travel arrangements.

Restricting your Movements for 14 Days

Most people who arrive in Ireland from another country need to restrict their movements for 14 days.

This includes:

  • Irish citizens coming home
  • People with no symptoms
  • People who have tested negative for the virus in another country

Restricting your movements means staying at home and avoiding contact with other people and social situations as much as possible.

Do not:

  • Use public transport
  • Visit others
  • Meet face-to-face with anyone who is at higher risk from coronavirus
  • Go to the shop unless absolutely necessary - wear a face covering if you do.
  • You can travel to where you plan to restrict your movements. But avoid using public transport if possible. Ask a relative or household member to collect you when you arrive in Ireland. Household members who were not travelling with you do not need to restrict their movements.

Read more about restricting your movements here. You may be contacted during the 14 days after you arrive in Ireland. This is to check that you are at the address you gave on the COVID-19 Passenger Locator Form.

The Department of Foreign Affairs has given some locations a status of 'normal precautions'. This list of locations is sometimes called the 'green list'.

The government decides which locations are on the green list based on the spread of coronavirus in that location. The list will be reviewed every 2 weeks.

The current green list of locations can be found here 

For any students travelling from a green list country who do not normally reside there, your time spent there must be longer than 2 weeks and the country MUST be on the green list on the day you enter Ireland. If it is not, you must complete the 14 day restricted movement period.

Restricting your movements means staying indoors and avoiding contact with other people and social situations as much as possible.

The main difference with the policy being changed from 'self-isolation' to 'restrict your movements' is that you can now go outside to exercise by yourself as long as you keep 2 metres distance from other people.

You can find more information on arriving in Ireland and restricting your movements on the Irish government's COVID-19 travel advice website here

You can travel to Limerick where you will then restrict your movements for 14 days. Please avoid using public transport where possible.

During the 14 days after you arrive into Ireland, you should avoid going to any shops unless abolsutely neccessary - please wear a face covering if you do. 

Those completing their 14-day period of restricted movement can avail of local grocery delivery services from supermarkets such as Tesco or SuperValu


You can exercise outside or in your room by yourself as long as you keep a 2 metre distance from others. 

Those who are completing their 14-day period of redirected movement will not be permittted to use the gym.

You should not go to any shops until you have completed the 14-day period of restricted movement. If you are staying on campus accommodation, you will have access to free WiFi so you still be able to access apps like WhatsApp or Facebook which do not require a sim card.  Should you have any concerns, please contact 

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