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UL International Buddy Programme

The University of Limerick, International Education Division is proud to present the Buddy Programme. The overall purpose of the Buddy Programme is to improve the mutual integration of the international students and the Irish students attending UL as well as to create close relationships and introduce the international students to the true UL Experience. The programme provides each international student with a Buddy – a volunteer student. The purpose is then to give the local and the international students at UL an opportunity to grow friendly bonds through social events and parties, arranged exclusively for the Buddies and the international students.

What do I gain from being a Buddy?

Being a Buddy gives you many valuable experiences:

  • Practice your language skills
  • Gain insight into new cultures and lifestyles
  • Start or expand your international network 
  • Volunteer work experience to put on your CV
  • All volunteers can now qualify for The Presidents Volunteer Award.

Furthermore, you can make a difference for a fellow student – maybe you have been abroad yourself and had a good/bad experience due to the help/lack of a buddy!

How long am I a Buddy for?

The programme runs for the semester, though you and your student buddies may wish to extend this period. The time you need to invest will vary throughout the period, but it is not meant to take any considerable time away from your studies, student job, etc. On average, you will be expected to email or Facebook regularly and meet-up once or twice a week. The programme officially kicks off in September with the arrival of the international students. During the autumn semester, a number of events will be arranged before the programme ends with a Christmas party in December and another farewell party in May. After this you have no further commitments as a Buddy – but of course you are free to keep in touch with your new friends.

We are now finished recruiting UL volunteers for the Autumn 2020 semester. If you would like to sign up for the programme please contact buddyprogramme@ul.ie 

New international students will be contacted about signing up for a UL buddy directly. 

For more information on the Buddy Programme, please email buddyprogramme@ul.ie  or download the two documents in the left sidebar, The Buddy Programme Brochure and Top 10 Things To Know About The Buddy Programme.