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Why Choose UL?

Mon, 29 Jun 2020

“Why Choose UL?” is a video series where we speak to our International Student Ambassadors about all the things they love about the University of Limerick.

This week we meet our international student ambassador, Charlotte. Charlotte is from Germany and is undertaking the UL Freshman Programme, which means  she has come to UL for her first year of college. Charlotte explains how this unique programme offers a valuable international experience during her first year of college.

Charlotte discusses the many reasons why she loves UL, foremost of which is the broad range of clubs and societies to choose from (from Skydiving to Tea-Appreciation; Astronomy to Ultimate Frisbee, there really is something for everybody). She goes on to speak about the high level of support she receives from university support services including the International Division - thanks Charlotte! 

Watch the full video here!

Please note all video content was filmed prior to the closure of the University campus in March 2020

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