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Tuition Fees

Tuition Fees for all programmes are listed here.  Find out how to how to pay your fees online.

Please note, tuition fees are subject to annual reviewal.

Tuition Fees/Accommodation Fees/Medical Insurance On-Line Payments

The International Education Division is delighted to be able to offer students from outside the EU the option of paying their tuition fees for full time programmes (undergraduate and postgraduate), accommodation expenses and medical insurance on line.  With no international bank transfer fees and a better exchange rate guaranteed it is the preferred method of payment.

Who can use this system? All students from outside the EU who wish to pay their tuition fees, accommodation fees or medical insurance for the upcoming academic year. 


  • Your student visa will be processed much faster.
  • You will save money on international bank charges.
  • You can track your payment online.

How does it work?

  • Student makes a local bank transfer in his/her home country.  This local payment takes 1 day.  The student emails International Student Payment Service (ISPS) a copy of his Electronic Funds Transfer payment.
  • ISPS receive instant notification from the local bank and transfers the money into the University of Limerick bank account.  

Click here to proceed to pay for tuition / accommodation / medical insurance on line

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