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UL Study Abroad team receive University of Minnesota award for excellence in serving students abroad

Wed, 21 Jun 2017

The University of Limerick Study Abroad team have been selected as this year's recipient of the University of Minnesota Balkcum Award. This award is given out each year to one UMN partner institution to recognise excellence in, and commitment to, serving University of Minnesota students abroad, particularly those partners who have performed above and beyond expectations.

In his nomination of the UL Study Abroad team, Eric Leinan of University of Minnesota said, "Katherine [Study Abroad Manager] and her staff have consistently been easy to work with and willing to collaborate."

"Developing CSE course equivalencies, establishing I-UROP eligibility, and the semester-long Nursing program currently in development, are just a few examples of unique and noteworthy projects we’ve created jointly, to the benefit of UMN students."

"Overall, Katherine and her staff at Limerick have been friendly, easy and fun to work with, and responsive to our needs. The relationship between the LAC and Limerick truly feels like a partnership." 

In recognition of this award, the Study Abroad team are to be honoured with a plaque in the UMN Learning Abroad Centre.

Congratulations to the team for this recognition of their hard work!

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