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UL Student Support Services

Staying well – both physically and mentally – is a critical part of successful student life. While it might be more challenging than usual now for some of you, now is the time to reach out for support. We have support available for all our International students – no matter where they are. Here you will find links to all of our health and wellbeing support services, which can be accessed, so that you can find the support you need, when you need it.

As you know the blended learning approach we are using for the coming academic year provides for a mix of on-campus teaching and online learning. When you are not scheduled to be on campus for academic purposes, you can still access UL Sports facilities, social, student supports and other services. Be aware that many of these require prior booking. All of the services and facilities that are available to you now and that will be available to you in September are outlined here.


Student Support Services

The Academic Literacies Module (AW6001 / AW6012) is an additional module designed to provide support for full time postgraduate international students for whom English is a second language. The aim of the module is to equip international students with the practical skills necessary to succeed at UL while enhancing your learning experience.

Please note, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the ‘circuit-breaker’ academic model being employed for the Autumn 2020 semester, details of the academic delivery for The Academic Literacies Module (AW6001 / AW6012) are still being finalised. Further information will be provided to eligible students during orientation. 

Visit: bookofmodules.ul.ie

Contact: Catherine.Martin@ul.ie

Campus Accommodation 

On-campus accommodation is still available. You can book online here https://studentliving.ul.ie or email the Accommodation Office at accommodation@ul.ie if you need any further information.

Campus Life Services have contingency plans in place to provide assistance and support to students living on campus. All students will have a single room in a shared house. Students living on campus should continue to take personal responsibility for their own health and follow the advice on preventative measures which have been published and extensively circulated by the HSE and are available here. https://www2.hse.ie/coronavirus/

If a student living on campus feels unwell, please call the UL Student Health Centre on 061 202434 during office hours (9am to 1pm or 2pm to 4.30pm). If a student living on campus feels unwell outside of these hours please call  Emergency Services on 999/112 and contact the UL Emergency Number on 061 213333 to alert them that the Emergency Services have been contacted. The UL Student Health Centre will liaise with Campus Life Services and the Village Management Teams will provide the support and assistance required to any affected students living on campus. 

For more detailed information pertaining to accommodation, please contact accommodation@ul.ie.

Off-Campus / Private accommodation 

If you are staying in off-campus accommodation, it is hugely important that you have organised your self-isolation prior to arriving in Ireland. You should make arrangements with your landlord or book a hotel. 

Students who are staying in off-campus / private accommodation can also book a room in campus accommodation for the duration of their 14-day isolation period, if they wish to do so. You will be charged on a pay-per-stay basis. Please contact accommodation@ul.ie for further information. 

You can find the rates below that they are offering currently for Cappavilla Village:

  • En-suite room in a Six Bed Apartment - €330 for 14 days
  • En-suite room in a Four Bed Apartment - €342 for 14 days
  • En-suite room in a Two Bed Apartment  - €368 for 14 days

Contact Details

Visit: studentliving.ul.ie

Contact: Accommodation@ul.ie 

The primary mission of the University of Limerick Career Services is to support students and recent graduates in developing and implementing successful career plans, and to facilitate the recruitment process for students and employers.

The UL Careers Service frequently organise great online workshops which will help give you that competitive edge in the job market.

Visit: www.ul.ie/cecd/students/careerservices

The UL Chaplaincy works to meet the many and varied religious needs of a global university campus. It recognises that life at UL is a dynamic, ever-changing experience, which brings all kinds of new opportunities and challenges to students. The chaplains offer a welcoming space and supportive presence to students and staff. They promote an open and caring environment where diversity is respected.  The key activities of the UL Chaplaincy team fall into 3 categories – 1) Support; 2) Worship/Spirituality and 3) Outreach/Volunteering. The Chaplaincy also works very closely with ULSU to administer the Student Financial Assistance Fund for those in most need throughout their period of study

Visit: ulsites.ul.ie/studentaffairs/chaplaincy-service

Contact: John.Campion@ul.ie or Sarah.orourke@ul.ie


Whether you are a student who wishes to find some volunteering opportunities and/or you are already engaged in volunteering we are here to both support you and also to formally recognise your contributions as part of learning and personal development journey at the University of Limerick. The CLO co-ordinates and manages student volunteering opportunities in our UL and external communities through its annual President’s Volunteer Award (PVA) Programme.

Visit: ulsites.ul.ie/studentaffairs/community-liaison-office

Contact: Gabriella.Hanrahan@ul.ie or Arlene.Loughnane@ul.ie

Éist, UL’s Student Counselling and Wellbeing service seeks to help you to focus on and understand more clearly the issues that concern you. By respecting your own values, choices and lifestyle, the counsellor can work together with you towards making choices or changes that are right for you. Counselling is not any one thing but is adapted by the counsellor to fit the needs of the student. This relationship is will be one of support and advice, education and challenge, warmth and empathy. It will normally be on a weekly or fortnightly basis, for as long as both counsellor and student consider necessary. Each session normally lasts up to 50 minutes and takes place in a comfortable and private setting. The first meeting will consist of a detailed assessment and evaluation of the situation presented by the student. Here, also, the Counsellor will explain about the nature of the work and what the student might expect. Goals and objectives of counselling will be established at this point. Most people are seen individually, but group counselling can also be offered when appropriate. There is also a comprehensive website offering further information and a range of bespoke toolkits and self-help advice for students. 

Visit: ulsites.ul.ie/studentaffairs/counselling-service

Contact: counselling@ul.ie


The Disability Support Service (DSS) are committed to the provision of educational opportunities to Students with Disabilities (SwD) on full-time undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes, as well as mature students and international students with disabilities. We offer a dedicated support service to students registered with our service. The Disability Support Service welcomes and supports prospective students with a wide variety of disabilities. It is important that all incoming students with a disability are registered with our services so that initial needs assessment, tailored supports and assistive technology solutions and specific exams requirements (extra time, reader pens, etc.) can be provided to support your learning and development at UL.                    

Visit: ulsites.ul.ie/disabilityservices/

Contact: Brenda.Shinners-Kennedy@ul.ie or Michelle.Hartnett@ul.ie

The First Seven Weeks is an initiative at the University of Limerick designed to provide strong, enhanced and targeted support to students during the very early weeks of their time as UL students. Recognising that successful early adjustment is linked to subsequent success, we provide a range of information, target our resources, and interact with our new students in ways that make them know we care about them and are interested in their successful adjustment.



Country Munch based in Limerick will offer the option of meal delivery to all our off campus students at a reduced student cost. Delivery on Monday and Wednesday.  

The following packages are available:  

  • 3 Meals for €20 
  • 5 Meals for €30

Visit: www.countrymunch.com

Contact: eoin@countrymunch.com

The Glucksman Library is currently undertaking a three-phased approach to re-opening the library building since the closure of the university campus due to the COVID-19 pandemic back in March 2020. Information on these reopening phases can be found here

From Monday 27 July, small numbers of faculty, researchers and postgraduate students may access a limited number of study spaces and services on the ground floor of the Library by appointment only. 

Limited physical services include:

  • Book a study space in a designated area on the ground floor
  • Consult Special Collections and Archives
  • Click & Collect lending service from library entrance

Online library services will continue throughout the summer. Library staff are working remotely to provide online library services to UL students and staff and to enable online teaching and learning to continue off-campus. Online resources include e-books, downloadable software and online workshops. Information about online library services can be found here.

As per the latest Government guidelines, face coverings in all library areas will be mandatory for all library users, for the duration of your stay in the library, with immediate effect.

Visit: https://www.ul.ie/library/

Contact: libinfo@ul.ie

You can avail of local grocery delivery services from supermarkets such as Tesco or SuperValu

The ICT Learning Centre aims to support and promote active learning among the students of ICT related programmes in UL, via the use of proven learner support approaches, tutoring innovation, research and evaluation, with the goal of developing learners who are confident and effective ICT practitioners. 

During the Spring semester 2020/21, our support services will all be online unless otherwise stated. This online support will be available via UL's SULIS system using the Digital Learning Support Hub/ICTLC Online site page which can be accessed here: ICTLC ONLINE SUPPORT

Visit: ictlc.ul.ie

Contact: clem.odonnell@ul.ie


It is well known that many capable students, for a variety of reasons, may find it difficult to achieve the required standards in mathematics to support their degree studies.

All UL students studying courses that have a mathematics or statistics module can avail of the Mathematics Learning Centre's (MLC) services free of charge. 

The Mathematics Learning Centre provides maths support services for students. These services will all take place online in Semester 1 2020/21 unless otherwise specifiedheight="360" src="https://media.heanet.ie/player/07e02b8ae2bf43e181b3f52844463920" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>

Visit: ulsites.ul.ie/mlc/

Email: Richard.Walsh@ul.ie

Lloyds Pharmacy will deliver medicines to those who are ill or have been advised to self-isolate. If the student is on regular medication, the prescription has to be from an Irish doctor and students need to give the prescription to lloyds pharmacy to be kept on file. No delivery charge. 

Address: Unit 8 Centrepoint, Castletroy Shopping Centre, Castletroy, Co. Limerick

Telephone:  +353 61 339454 

The Postgraduate Students’ Union (PSU) at the University of Limerick is the official voice of Postgraduate Students. The PSU represents and defends the interest of all postgrads which includes Taught & Research Masters, PhD and Postgraduate Diploma students.
The PSU is your liaison to other helpful services on campus and support students with:

  • Academic & research issues: student-lecturer & student-supervisor issues, result, equality across faculties & student complaints
  • Welfare: Financial Aid, Childcare Bursary, Immigration & visa support, job opportunities
  • Student Experience: Social & cultural events, Clubs & Societies, accommodation

Our Common Room is located in the Stables Courtyard, where postgrads can relax between classes. There are microwaves and a kettle along with free tea/coffee and daily newspapers.
Please check out our social media and connect with other postgrads by following us on:


Contact: PSU@ul.ie

The Writing Centre at UL offers a free and friendly place for all students (undergraduate and postgraduate) to come and address any aspect of their writing. This resource is dedicated to helping students develop strategies to become more confident, critical and autonomous writers.

The Writing Centre practices a non-invasive, inductive approach to writing development, utilising peer-tutors and experts that work with both undergraduate students, postgraduate students and staff respectively to identify their writing practices in order to assess and improve strategic effectiveness.

There are a limited number of sessions available per week, so early booking is strongly advised. 

Visit: ulsites.ul.ie/rwc/

Contact: writingcentre@ul.ie

The Science Learning Centre is part of the Centre for Transformative Learning at the University of Limerick. The Science Learning Centre provides teaching and learning support for the disciplines of science and engineering, working with staff and students to support the development and implementation of transformative pedagogies.

Please check out our Sulis site during COVID-19 Restriction Period for Online Support 

Visit: ulsites.ul.ie/slc/

Contact: slc@ul.ie

Student Health Centre – The Student Health Centre operates a dedicated GP service for all students on campus. Services include access to: Doctor (GP), Nurse, Blood Tests, contraceptive Clinics, Sexual Health Clinic, Physiotherapy and exam-related services as required. Our Medical services will be delivered by ‘telephone triage’ under the current COVID restrictions so it is important that you call or email first to make an appointment with our professional staff. These initial consultations will take place over the phone and students will be then advised to come and see our medical staff if necessary in a safe and secure clinical environment.

Visit: ulsites.ul.ie/studentaffairs/welcome-student-health-centre

Contact: Ria.Toland@ul.ie 

Important Phone Numbers:

  • Ring 999 for medical emergencies i.e. for serious illness or injury, or someone's life is at risk
  • UL Campus Emergency (24 hours) - Tel: 061 21 3333
  • Limerick Doc (out of hours) - Tel: 087 755 1570

UL Student Life is the Representative Body for 15,000 UL Students. Students automatically become members of UL Student Life upon enrolment and from that day on, the team will do their best to represent you and help you with any problems you may have during your time at college. 

The Student Centre is the heart of UL Student Life. This is where you will find your Student Officers, UL Student Life Staff, Clubs & Societies along with access to a huge amount of facilities & services including:

  • Tickets for all Events
  • Bus Eireann Student Monthly, weekly and Commuter tickets
  • Lab Coats and Glasses
  • Full range of UL Wolves Merchandise

Why not check out UL Student Life's Get Away Zone - a site specifically where students can unwind and get away from all the messages abou the Coronavirus.

Visit: www.ulstudentlife.ie

Contact: studentcentre@ul.ie 

The Irish Council for Overseas Students is a great resource for International Students; providing up-to-date information on visas, immigration and your rights as a student. 

Check it out now