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Have questions about what it's like to study at UL? Wondering about the job prospects of your UL course? Chat to one of our Alumni Ambassadors to get a first hand insight into life at UL. 

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Kayla DePara, University of Hartford, Study Abroad '17

Hi! My name is Kayla DePara and I am from Wolcott, Connecticut, USA. I attend the University of Hartford, which is in my home state, and I completed my junior year at the University of Limerick studying B.A. Mathematics and Pre-Dental. I hope to attend dental school after graduating from UHart.

Ever since middle school, I always knew I wanted to study abroad in Ireland, so I made that dream come true! When looking at colleges in Ireland, I could not find any college that would fit me more perfectly than UL. I am a very athletic and outgoing person and seeing how UL is “Ireland’s sports campus”, I could not see myself going to any other university. Deciding to study abroad at UL has been the best decision of my life so far. I have created so many memories and friends that will last a lifetime. UL has helped me experience everything I have wanted and more while abroad. The students and staff at UL are very welcoming and immediately make you feel like you are part of the community as soon as you step on campus! This university has offered an excellent balance of academics and exciting student life which was what I was looking for. I have been lucky enough to travel to seven different countries while studying here this semester; England, Italy, Albania, Greece, France, Switzerland, and Spain. All have been amazing experiences for me! I have found a new love for traveling during my time in Ireland and I am just getting started. I very excited to share my experiences with students and showing them how life changing studying abroad at UL can be for them!


Holly Hackenmiller, University of Minnesota, Study Abroad '17

With warmest wishes, I would like to introduce myself- Hi! I’m Holly, a student who studied at UL but originally from Minnesota, USA. At home, I attend the University of Minnesota and study communications, which I found was easy to study here, as well! I find myself to be an avid smiler, laugher, dreamer, and traveler, which is easy to accomplish here at UL. Within my time in Ireland, my heart has been completely stolen by all of its beauty, people, and of course, pubs, and there is no doubt in my mind that your hearts will be stolen just as quickly as mine was.


Balachandar Murali, MSc Information and Network Security '17

Hi Guys! My name is Balachandar Murali and I’m from India. I completed my masters in Information and Network Security at UL in 2017. I did my undergraduate in Electronics and Communication Engineering. While researching for universities, I had US, Canada and Ireland as my options. Now I’m really happy that I chose Ireland over the other two. This is *THE* place to study if you are thinking of quality education blended with equal amount of fun. Ireland is a very quiet place where people are very caring and generous. It’s just two weeks since I have been here but I feel like it’s the best decision that I ever made. I love meeting new people and it is a lot of fun to learn Irish culture, food and so on. If you think that Ireland is the place that you are gonna study then without a doubt pick University of Limerick. This is one of the largest university in Ireland where you have the possibilities of become anything you want. I don’t want to spoil the surprise that is University of Limerick, so join us and get to know.


Rockko Bhargava, MA International Entrepreneurship Management '17

Hi, myself Rockko Bhargava with given name Bhargava Reddy. I am a blogger, Cricketer and aspirant Life Coach, Business Consultant, Social Worker. I believe in life long learning! Love to help the needy!


Bikash Guha, MSc International Management & Global Business '17, Advanced Manufacturing Engineer at Boston Scientific

Haigh! I’m Bikash Guha, from New Delhi, India. I completed my MSc in International Management & Global Business at the state of the art Kemmy Business School, University of Limerick. I completed my bachelors in engineering from India and was working full time prior to taking up masters here (which is indeed the best thing in my life I’ve done so far!). Yes, staying some few thousand nautical miles away from the known faces and genre of people, it should be hard enough for anyone. But trust me, UL’s so welcoming and homely, I’m still waiting to miss my home! Specially IED, the student guides and ‘The HUB” makes it so simple for you, you don’t even realize the big issues you’d be solving on your own..(something for which you might have needed your superman Dad !!) Nevertheless, Ireland has to be the next destination on your chart, and there is nothing better to be than at UL. Apart from its world standard facilities, systems, buildings, lecturers, it has an amazing life in its own and that needs to be experienced by being here. I thank whomsoever and whatsoever made me come here and be a part of this university  and this country. I’M LOVING IT!!!

Bikash is currently working in Ireland with Boston Scientific



Ayman Altobi, Oman, BEng Chemical and Biochemical Engineering '17

Hey there! My name is Ayman ALTobi  and I’m from Oman.I completed my Bachelor of Engineering in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering at UL. I chose University of Limerick because of its beautiful campus, professional lecturers and fantastic co-op programme. I spent eight months working in a company, improving my knowledge and engaging with other cultures. UL also provides on-campus accommodation, fascinating sport facilities and various campus events.

Besides travelling,I love photography, reading and cycling . I also like integrating myself into new cultures. I have always enjoyed challenging myself and pushing myself to be the best I can be. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding studying at University of Limerick.

Instagram:@ a_altobi

Facebook:@Ayman Al-tobi




Blessing Usoro, Nigeria, MSc Information & Network Security '17

Hello, I'm Blessing Usoro, originally from Nigeria. I studied M.Eng, Information and Network Security as a postgraduate student at UL. I came face to face with challenges which pushed me further than I've come before, all the while working in a multi-cultural environment. I stayed on the university campus during my studies, which gave me easy and quick access to the university facilities and of course allowed me more time to focus on my work instead of commuting. Studying at UL led me to understand that once you are a part of this community, it will support you for years to come. Outside of the classroom, I got to volunteer in Limerick City in programmes such as OpenHouse Limerick and Cultural Night, I also attended several of the numerous events like International food week & Charity week. I'm happy to have been a part of the student experience, contributing as a Student Ambassador, PVA Ambassador and Class Rep. I'm looking forward to a great relationship with the UL Alumni community and UL in the future.  


Frances Man-Hin Wu, Canada, MSc in Multilingual Computing and Localization '17

Hey you! My name is Frances, and I completed my MSc in Multilingual Computing and Localization at UL, with a particular interest in website and mobile app translation, workflow automation and enterprise-class localization strategies.

I'm originally from Hong Kong, but spent most of my life in Canada. I now call Toronto my home but I'm still firmly grounded in my H.K. roots. Apart from being a full time student, I'm also a full time employee, so I just know how daunting it is if you want to stay ahead of the game.

I'm glad to be part of UL's Alumni Ambassador program, whose mission is to help you understand how UL is a professional, achievable and affordable option for everyone.

Join me in my blog if you want to learn more about me, my program and UL. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about UL, the application process, my program, or just college in general.


Celina Jaffe, USA, MA Contemporary Dance Performance '17

Hi Everyone! I’m Celina from Indiana, USA. I completed my MA in Contemporary Dance Performance here at UL. It is my first time in Ireland but in the past I have lived in France, Corsica, and California. I’m so excited to learn about the Irish culture and plan to visit as much as I can with my time here. This is my first time blogging and I am looking forward to developing this new skill. I have always loved to share experiences with others and am happy to be of assistance to anyone and everyone. Please feel free to follow me on social media. Here are my handles in order of more frequent use:

Facebook: Celina Jaffe                              Snapchat: laffiejaffeUS                      Instagram: @celina_jaffe              Twitter: @thumbcelina


Lanxuewen Wang, MSc Financial Services '17

Hello, everyone. My name is Lanxuewen Wang. I completed my Masters in Financial Services at Kemmy Business School. 

Financial Services is a famous major at KBS, and I have learnt lots of new things during the last two semesters. My favorite class is Derivatives Market, and I found the access to the Bloomberg Trading Floor very interesting and helpful. My major also included a Business Trip to London. Students had chances to visit some famous companies such as Bloomberg and Citi. That was an amazing experience for me. 

Time goes fast, my graduation will take place in January 2018 and then I will be back in my country. But I still hope to keep my connection with UL and try my best to help other international students who will start their new journey at UL. I know how to open a new bank account, how to get the GNIB card or a PPS number; I share a house with some lovely friends here, so I know how to rent a house near school; I have traveled to many countries such as Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland, so I know how to apply for a Schengen visa and a Re-entry visa.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me. I will be very glad to help.


Xiaoyu Liu, MA International Management and Global Business '17

I love UL and I would like more people to have the opportunity to love it here.